Centre for Analysis and Testing of Plastics (KAP)

Analysing. Testing. Consulting.

Describing material properties is essential for the design of products and manufacturing processes, for quality assurance, for the testing of specifications or for damage analysis. On a laboratory area of more than 700 m2, our qualified engineers, scientists and technicians work with the appropriate testing and analysing equipment to respond to your inquiries relating to the determination of specific material values, the testing of components and troubleshooting.

We offer our industrial and research partners individual solutions to their problems, and have the following methods at our disposal to achieve this:

  • Microscopy (LIM, SEM, TEM, computer-assisted tomography)
  • Spectroscopic methods (FTIR, µskop-FTIR, EDX, ESCA)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, TGA-FTIR, TMA, DMA)
  • Mechanical tests (short and long-termtests, dynamic tests, crash tests)
  • Rheometry (MFR, capillary rheometry, rotational rheometry)
  • Further physical and chemical analysis (e.g. thermal conductivity, permeability, humidity measurements, pvT)

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