IIMC 2015 - a full success (Bild: Fröls/IKV)
IIMC 2015 - a full success (Bild: Fröls/IKV)

IIMC is again a great success - Second International Injection Moulding Conference attracts a large number of international guests to Aachen
At the beginning of October, the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and the Skilled Crafts at RWTH Aachen University staged its International Injection Moulding Conference (IIMC) for the second time, with global experts from industry and science presenting some of the current trends in injection moulding. The conference featured topics such as cyber-physical production systems for the networking of injection moulding production cells, peripherals and upstream and downstream processes, current developments in machine and process technology, and the application of process and part simulations for increasing economic efficiency.

Over 100 experts from 15 nations, including China, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, the United States and various European countries, again underlined the success of the Conference. Fourteen specialist presentations in English introduced some of the latest developments in injection moulding. Heinz Gaub from Arburg, Dr. Paul Filz from simcon kunststofftechnische Software, and Professor Christian Hopmann from IKV spoke about the prospects of highly automated injection moulding manufacture through implemented cyber-physical production systems, seen through the eyes of a machinery manufacturer, simulation software specialist and research scientist respectively.

Dr. Toru Hirata, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Japan, and Professor Helmar Franz, Haitian International Holding Limited, China, took a more practical view, covering some of the latest machine technologies of leading injection moulding machine manufacturers. The presentations focused on the advantages of electrical and hydraulic drive concepts for injection moulding machines, depending on the respective market structure.

The large number of delegates – more than fifty percent of them from abroad – and the positive feedback from the delegates underlined the success of the IIMC. IKV is pleased to announce that it will continue to stage the International Injection Moulding Conference every two years, with the next event due to be held on March 16–17, 2017.

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The conference language is English.