International Injection Moulding Conference (IIMC)

Place, date: December 2 - 3, 2014, Aachen, Germany

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Current press release (PDF).

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IKV International Injection Moulding Conference (IIMC)
Cross-industry exchange between research, development and industry

National and international experts from the entire injection moulding industry will report on new developments, present the latest research results and give innovative examples from industrial series production.

The International Injection Moulding Conference 2014 will focus on injection moulding-related innovations and specific combinations of processes in and around the automobile. Automotive engineering is today’s most important driver for plastics engineering in the future. Between the poles of constantly rising technical and qualitative requirements on plastics applications in the automotive industry and the economic requirements for maximum productivity, the injection moulding process has to face numerous challenges. In today's industry, the injection moulding process has established itself as the most important production method for moulded plastic components – and not only for automotive engineering.

Continuous innovations in process technology, material engineering and mechanical engineering are consistently leveraging the still existing cost saving potential and are constantly challenging the superiority of traditional materials. The speakers at this new IKV conference will address two key technologies: injection moulding of optical components and current developments in lightweight engineering.

There is probably no other industry that is confronted with the demands of reducing harmful emissions to such an extent as automotive engineering. Intelligent lightweight design and function integration are predestined to meet these challenges.

Injection moulding of optical components offers enormous potential for design freedom and lightweight design in automotive lighting applications. This process makes it possible to realise complex geometries in headlamps and lenses that cannot be realised using glass. In this context, the production of polymer optical components makes very high demands on the accuracy of the process, the machine and the material technology. At the conference, specialists from industry and science will talk in their presentations about current applications, the state of technology and future developments.

Through clever process combinations, new areas of applications can be developed for injection moulding. For example, the lightweight potential of plastics can be combined with the high mechanical strength of reinforcing materials and structures, and with the highly automated injection moulding process. This second key aspect of injection moulding will also be discussed by leading experts who will present the current state of the art as well as some of the foreseeable and predictable future developments.

The conference host, IKV, has been promoting the advancement of plastics engineering for 60 years, both by innovative research of the relevant injection moulding core areas and by practice-oriented technology development. The technologically strategic presentations by the speakers will be accompanied by an interesting trade exhibition. The target is an international cross-industry exchange between research, development and industry.

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