IKV's injection moulding laboratory opens its doors at the RWTH Science Night "5 to 12",

Besucherinnen im IKV-Spritzgießtechnikum erleben Produktionsprozesse live an der Maschine | Bild: IKV

At the RWTH Science Night "5 to 12", which has been held regularly on the second Friday in November since 2003, IKV gave a live demonstration of the production of a fluorescent frisbee at its injection moulding laboratory in Pontstraße. At the well-attended event, members of the IKV staff answered visitors' numerous questions on matters involving plastics, mould and machine technology, the properties of different plastics and their range of application. With so many visitors in the injection moulding hall, the IKV staff were barely able to keep up with the production of the frisbee, which turned out to be a highly popular give-away.

Science Slammer takes first place

Science at unusual hours in an unusual form: During the course of the evening, also under this motto of the RWTH Science Night, the RWTH Science Slam took place. At this science contest, which sets out to communicate science to visitors in the most entertaining way possible, Dipl.-Ing Peter Schneider, a scientific assistant at IKV, gave a presentation entitled: "Lightweight construction in the pressure cooker – What fibre-reinforced plastics and noodles have in common". His presentation met with such enthusiasm among the public that it was voted into first place – an honour he also shared with another Science Slammer.