Science meets Tires – Perspectives for Tire Technology

IKV & ika Conference

Conference: Science meets Tires – Perspectives for Tire Technology | Bild: Stefan Redel-Fotolia

Date: September, 13 - 14 2017

The contact between a vehicle and the road is exclusively generated by tires. They determine the transmission and the entire dynamics. The demands on tires, their development and production steadily increase.  A maximum in efficiency, safety and comfort is priority.

The foundations are being created across the entire value chain of a tire – from research and product development to the raw material supplier, the tire manufacturing and quality assurance. “Science meets Tires – Perspectives for Tire Technology” is dedicated to these subjects. The interdisciplinary exchange between experts from industry and research during the conference copes with the importance of the tire for the automotive industry. “Science meets Tires – Perspectives for Tire Technology” simultaneously serves as a basis for innovation.

The Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) and the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) at RWTH Aachen University are organizing this international conference already for the fourth time.


Key subjects

  • Tire Labelling: Approaches from Science and Industry
  • Tire Modelling: Interactions between Chassis, Tire and Road
  • Processing and Processability: New Materials, Developments and their Influence on Processing
  • Future Trends: (e. g.) E-Mobility, Traceability, Data Management, Sensor Technology
  • Flat-Track Test Rig (ika): Live Demonstration

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