Review of the Colloquium 2022

  • Process set-up in injection moulding through human-machine interfaces and AI
  • Increased throughput and quality assurance in packaging technology
  • Advanced fluid modelling in rubber processing
  • Precise, reproducible process control in injection moulding
  • Simulative optimisation of mixing and tooling technology in extrusion
  • New testing and quality assurance methods for high-performance FRP
  • New injection moulding products using propellant-laden melts
  • Integrative simulation methods for optimised injection moulded products
  • Plasma-modified barriers and membranes
  • Digital shadows for data-based process and material description
  • Multiscale material modelling for the prediction of component properties
  • Developments for the resource-efficient production of PET bottles
  • Process and design optimisation in additive manufacturing
  • Increased precision in injection moulding through controlled solidification
  • Quality characteristics of UD-tape-based laminates for forming modelling

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