IKV.Impulse: Plastic Technologies for an efficient Energy Transition towards a Hydrogen Economy

Digital event within the series IKV.Impulses.

IKV.Impulse - Die digitale Veranstaltungsreihe

2 June 2022 | 3 p.m.| online

Hydrogen is acknowledged as the main energy carrier to tackle the ecological and economical challenges in the energy transition for the next decades. In nearly all relevant energy sectors, hydrogen can be implemented beneficially and states completely new requirements to the applied components, systems and therefore the used materials.

In this event, an overview about the already used materials but also the opportunities to apply plastic materials and technologies in the hydrogen economy will be shown. Industrial companies give insights into current developments and the state of the art for hydrogen related applications. The IKV displays some of its research results and approaches regarding hydrogen storage technologies and give as well an perspective on the opportunities of plastic technologies along the hydrogen value chain.


  • Moderation: Dr.-Ing. Jens Wipperfürth | IKV
  • Fibre optic measurements for structural monitoring of type-4 pressure vessels | Jannick Fuchs, IKV
  • Stack Sealing Solutions for Fuel Cells and Electrolyser | Jürgen Emig, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
  • From generation to distribution - Innovative solutions to enable the upscaled Hydrogen economy | Dr.-Ing. Andreas Szentivanyi, Evonik Operations GmbH

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