Webinar: Joint market and technology analysis on hydrogen technology

Learn more about the possibilities of participation.

IKV webinar on 29 July 2021

29 July 2021 | 3 p.m. | online

The hydrogen economy is an essential building block for achieving a CO2-neutral economy; in this context, materials engineering will make an important contribution to the technical implementation of efficient solutions for the production, transport, storage and conversion of hydrogen. An enormous economic potential is opening up for our industry.

Within the framework of a market and technology study, we will identify the scientific and developmental challenges that need to be addressed in the coming years for the best possible integration of plastics into the hydrogen economy. The initiative is also intended to be a nucleus for the establishment of a cross-sectoral network that promotes, in particular, the exchange of know-how and cooperation between actors from industry and science.

The webinar provides details on the motivation, objectives and approach of the initiative. In particular, we will show you the possibilities of participation and how you and your company can benefit from the initiative.

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