Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Plenary Session: Rubber meets Science
9:00 Welcome Management of the IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing
9:15 Rubber technology – strategic directions of research at the IKV Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Limper, Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH
10:00 Special interest magazines - knowledge provider and promoter for the industry Indira Gupta, M.A., Dr. Gupta Verlags GmbH
10:45 Coffee break

Plenary session: Future technology Moderation: Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Franssen
11:00 Challenges for Plastics in the Field of E-Mobility Dr.-Ing. Matthias Musialek, Robert Bosch GmbH
11:30 The ADAMOS approach - how to address digitisation as a moving target Dr.-Ing. Felix Hackelöer, ADAMOS GmbH
12:00 Morphology and mechanics of nano-dispersed rubber blends Prof. Dr. Ir. Martin van Duin, Arlanxeo Netherlands B.V.
12:30 Lunch break

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Future technology Moderation: Dr. Gerard Nijman
13:30 Recent developments for elastomer seals in the driveline Dr. Arthur Lanziner, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies
14:00 Thermoplastic elastomers in the changing automotive industry Dr.-Ing. Thomas Köppl, Hexpol TPE
14:30 Friction optimisation of seals through advanced laser surface texturing of moulds. Project “Mouldtex 2020”. Anthony Dossi, OR.P. STAMPI s.r.l.
15:00 Coffee break

Materials Moderation: Dr. Gerard Nijman
15:45 VOC´s in rubber chemicals and compounds Dr. Hermann-Josef Weidenhaupt, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
16:15 New mobility concepts and rubber - refrigerant resistance as an example Dr. Andreas Kaiser, Arlanxeo Deutschland GmbH

Future technology Moderation: Oliver Franssen
13:30 Use of big data in the example of silicone injection moulding Dipl. Wirt. Ing. Stefan Rönisch, Aptiv Services Deutschland GmbH
14:00 Implementing complex LSR moulding from a white piece of paper Vanessa Frekers, B.Sc., Sigma Egineering GmbH
14:30 Fully automated production and the prerequisites for it Kurt Manigatter, ELMET Elastomere, Produktions- und Dienstleistungs- GmbH
15:00 Coffee break

Materials Moderation: Oliver Franssen
15:45 LSR new product innovation – market and material trends Dr. Patrick Beyer, Dow Silicones Deutschland GmbH
16:15 Regulatory compliance with silicone elastomers - status check, new regulations, preparing the future Dr. Beate Ganter, Dr.-Ing. Tammo Menke, Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

17:00 Bus shuttle to IKV-site Melaten
17:30 Laboratory tour: extrusion and rubber technology, Centre for Plastics Analysis and Testing (KAP) -prüfung (KAP)
20:00 Conference dinner at restaurant „Elisenbrunnen” Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz 14, 52064 Aachen

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Plenary session
9:00 Challenges in the Rubber Industry - New Requirements for Materials and Components Due to New Mobility Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Schöngart, ContiTech MGW GmbH
9:45 Determination of material parameters for process description and simulation Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Rauschmann, TA Instruments
10:15 Elastomer injection moulding for different kind of materials (rubber, LSR, HCR) Thomas Gradl, Engel Austria GmbH
10:45 Coffee break

Processing Moderation: Dr. Gerard Nijman
11:15 Compounding - influence of process parameters on the processing and resulting rubber properties Melanie Kostka, M.Sc., IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing
11:45 Technological and design aspects of a new self-centring extrusion head for coolant hoses Mike Weiterer, KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH
12:15 Vulcanisation in salt bath: a very old process that has become very modern Jean Baptiste de Chamisso, MDC Engineering
12:45 Lunch break

Simulation and material behaviour Moderation: Dr. Gerard Nijman
14:00 The rheology of rubber in the eyes of injection moulding simulation - requirements and use of material properties Dipl.-Ing. Harold Kutschera, simcon kunststofftechnische Software GmbH
14:30 Towards a digitalisation of the coninuous vulcanisation process Sebastian Kammer, M.Eng., IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing
15:00 Are generally known material models sufficient to describe the quasi-static behaviour of TPE? Christoph Zimmermann, M.Sc, IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing
15:30 Closing remarks Dr. Gerard Nijman, KraussMaffei Berstorff

Processing Moderation: Oliver Franssen
11:15 Silicone-compounding from the perspective of a medium-sized company Jochen Klein, Rado Gummi GmbH
11:45 Model calibration for screw design of silicone rubber extruders Michael Drach, M.Sc., IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing
12:15 Intelligent equipment for next level silicone moulding Dietmar Waizenauer, NEXUS Elastomer Systems GmbH
12:45 Lunch break

Application Moderation: Oliver Franssen
14:00 Special requirements for silicone components in medical applications Florian Lemke, M.Sc., Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
14:30 SiO shaping, the next revolution of silicone manufacturing Dipl.-Ing. Anthony Pellafol, Sterne SAS
15:00 Optimised surface pre-treatment of silicon-metal parts Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Klaus Milde, R.E.T. GmbH
15:30 Closing remarks Dipl-Ing. Oliver Franssen, Momentive