The Eurogress Conference Center in Aachen

The Second International Symposium on Plastics Technology will take place at the Eurogress Conference Centre in Aachen. The premises, their equipment and acoustics, allow events of all genres to be held. Congresses, conferences and seminars, trade fairs and exhibitions accompanying congresses, serious and light music concerts, theatre and cabaret performances, musicals, balls and carnival events, sales exhibitions, film screenings and flea markets are regularly staged by many different organisers.

The house is the venue for the symphony orchestra of the Aachen City Theatre and the master concerts of the Meisterkonzerte Aachen GmbH. The focus of the congresses and conferences is on the technical and medical-scientific fields, often in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University. Conference-accompanying exhibitions, parties, flea markets and trade fairs usually take place in the approximately 3000 m² foyer area.

Following the symposium, the 31st International Colloquium Plastics Technology with accompanying industry trade show for which the IKV expects around 800 participants will also be held at the Eurogress.

Monheimsallee 48
52062 Aachen

The imperial city of Aachen

Aachen is Germany's westernmost city, where the borders of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium meet. The proximity to the neighbouring countries is reflected, among other things, in architecture, culinary delights and a lively cultural exchange. Aachen enjoys an excellent reputation as a centre of science and is the home of the RWTH Aachen University, a university of excellence. Over 60,000 students make Aachen a young and lively city with countless leisure activities and an attractive nightlife.

A stroll through the historic old town, past picturesque houses, the impressive cathedral and the Gothic town hall built on Carolingian masonry. A drink in one of the small cafés or a visit to the cathedral treasury or one of the numerous museums. History fans are also guaranteed to get their money's worth: once the main residence of Charlemagne, Aachen is home to numerous fascinating Carolingian testimonies, for example, not least Aachen Cathedral, one of the city's landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978.

Aachen's thermal springs provide the feel-good and relaxation factor - bathing culture was already cultivated in Aachen by the Celts and Romans, and today a visit to the Carolus Thermen is recommended, which were freshly renovated in 2021.

The International Symposium on Plastics Technology and the 31st International Colloquium Plastics Technology are held at the Eurogress, Aachen's congress centre. It is located on the edge of the city centre in a large park area, the Stadtpark Aachen, and is therefore very central and easily accessible, yet attractively situated.

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