Opportunities for Material Technologies in a Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen is becoming an important building block for achieving a CO2-neutral economy.

The importance is underlined by huge investments into further developing technologies for using hydrogen in a sustainable way. Most governments of large industrial nations around the world, including the EU, incentivise both industry and the private sector to advance the hydrogen economy with triple-digit billion Euro budgets.

The main field for growth will be related to energy conversion, which will give a push to innovation in transportation, building and many other industries.

Significant efficiency improvements in generating, transporting, storing and converting hydrogen will only be stimulated by innovations enabled by materials and correlated processing technologies.

More than ever, a smart combination of different materials enables efficiency improvements in both the production of complex components and their performance in a critical environment.

Within this joint market and technology analysis, we invite you to join a cross-domain industry network in order to discover and shape new opportunities for realising safe, cost-efficient and durable components, enabled by plastic technologies in complex material systems.


We provide the know-how and a marketplace for the exchange of application, material and production knowledge along the hydrogen value chains. Learn all about the market and technology study here.

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Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer

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