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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. R. Dahlmann

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Green Deal - Curse or Blessing?

Challenges and Solutions for  Sustainable Value Chains

You, as a decision maker, find your organisation caught up in reporting  obligations, instead of managing your transformation process towards sustainable business solutions? 

  • How to reshape sustainability into profitable business models?
  • How to restructure your value and supply chains?
  • How to gather the relevant data?
  • How to establish a company-wide mindset for sustainability?

Guidance for sustainable business growth:

  • Gain insights into sustainable processes and material flows
  • Assess product circularity and ESG/CO2 impact.
  • Utilize simulations for eco-friendly product development.
  • Embrace digital solutions for sustainable production.
  • Explore recycling-friendly product creation.

Key take aways:

  • Ideas on how to reposition your company along the value chain
  • Get insights on upcoming government sustainability regulations (ESG).
  • New concepts to use sustainability as your competitive advantage

Turn obligations into opportunities:

  • Achieve internal sustainability and circularity, fostering new business opportunities.
  • Expand your sustainability network for growth.
  • Gain impartial insights, peer perspectives, and collaborative strategies for progress.
  • Move beyond mere legal compliance and champion sustainable innovations!