Digitisation of teaching

The necessity to deal acutely with the different variants of digital teaching now means many changes, adjustments and new experiences for the IKV.

Online lectures enable teaching and learning at IKV despite the corona bans. | Photo: Tumisu

For university teaching at IKV, the corona-related regulations on meetings and social distancing mean that all the lectures that are normally held as "classroom teaching" are this term being given in a digital format. In other words, lectures and practical exercises are now transmitted live by video or recorded in advance and made available permanently to the students on the relevant platforms of RWTH Aachen University. 

Professors, heads of department and scientific staff of IKV as well as the IKV lecturers from industry managed the changeover from classroom teaching to online teaching within a very short time. They are always looking for new ways of putting over the content of the lectures in a lively way and as comprehensively as possible, despite all the limitations. 

At IKV, the direct exchange of ideas and experience with the students has always been of special importance. This has now been made possible through a wide choice of discussion forums, digital consultations and online meetings. The IKV study support service is still active and reachable for the students by both e-mail and phone. 

The necessity to get to grips quickly with the different variants of digital teaching means making changes, adjusting and gaining new experience.  At the same time, it offers the opportunity to try out different formats and to also use them in future semesters to enrich the teaching at IKV.