Four new trainees at IKV

IKV not only trains the next generation of engineers, but is also regularly involved in the training of qualified specialists – in plastics testing, but also in office management, IT and other areas. This year, two former trainees successfully completed their training and four new trainees are starting at the Institute.

New and former trainees of IKV. From left to right: Leon Trimborn, Konrad Phillipp, Akif Akyel, Cedric Nellen, Matthias Klimas (Leon Pfinnings is absent). | Photo: IKV

For some, their apprenticeship is coming to an end, for others it is just beginning. Matthias Klimas successfully completed his training as a materials tester for plastics with an A-grade and will continue to support IKV in the KAP microscopy department. Cedric Nellen also completed his examination particularly successfully with an A-grade and will in the future be working at the Institute as an electronics technician for devices and systems.

On 16 August 2021, two new apprentices started their training as materials testers in plastics technology at the Centre for Analysis and Testing of Plastics (KAP): Akif Akyel and Leon Trimborn. In our workshop, Leon Pfinnings began his training as an industrial mechanic at the same time. Konrad Philipp joins the IKV Academy as a trainee in office management, specialising in public relations and event organisation.

IKV is pleased to have the further support of Cedric Nellen and Matthias Klimas and warmly welcomes Akif Akyel, Leon Pfinnings and Leon Trimborn as well as Konrad Phillipp to the Institute.