IKV hosts WAK meetings

On 4 November 2021, Professor Christian Hopman welcomed the members of the Scientific Working Group of University Professors of Plastics Engineering (WAK) at IKV. On the occasion, those present elected their new board of directors. The winners of the WAK prizes for the best scientific papers were also honoured at the meeting.

New leadership trio at WAK: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elmar Moritzer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bonten and Prof. Dr. Clemens Holzer (from left) | Photo: IKV

Alongside the current award winners, some award winners also received their awards from the previous year, as the 2020 award ceremony had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. | Photo: IKV

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bonten (Institute of Plastics Technology, University of Stuttgart) was confirmed in office as spokesperson. His deputy Prof. Dr. Clemens Holzer (Department of Plastics Technology, University of Leoben / Austria) will also continue in office for another term. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elmar Moritzer (Institute of Plastics Technology, University of Paderborn) was newly elected to the leadership trio for the next two years.

The WAK is committed to scientific and professional promotion in the field of plastics technology. It exchanges experience with institutions and research associations and coordinates university research interests by coordinating with other working groups. On the occasion of the meetings, the WAK prizes were also awarded, which annually honour the best scientific papers in plastics technology. This is intended both to document important advances in the science and technology of polymers and to encourage.

The Wilfried-Ensinger Prize 2021 for the development and description of engineering plastics for innovative applications was awarded to Steven Höll, M. Sc., for his Master's thesis and Dr. mont. Anja Gosch for her dissertation.

The Oechsler Prize 2021 for Methods and Approaches for the Development and Design of Components Made of Plastics was awarded to Dipl.-Ing. Levin Schilling for his Master's thesis and Dr.-Ing. Nicholas Ecke for his dissertation.

The Brose Prize 2021 for new methods and techniques in the processing of plastics was awarded to Lucas Schulz, M. Sc., for his Master's thesis and Dr.-Ing. Philipp Thieleke for his dissertation.

The Röchling Prize for new hybrid materials, systems and process technologies based on plastics was awarded to Felix Frölich, M.Sc., for his Master's thesis and Dr.-Ing. Muhannad Al Aiti for his dissertation.

The best Master's thesis in each case is endowed with 3 500 euros, the best doctoral thesis with 5000 euros. We warmly congratulate all the award winners.