Kick-off meeting for Hydrogen Business and Technology Forum

Invitation for all companies interested in getting ready for the hydrogen scale-up.

Invitation for the H2 Business and Technology Forum

Since 2021, the IKV - together with more than 20 partners - has compiled comprehensive findings on technologies, materials and potentials for the use of plastics in a hydrogen economy with its hydrogen technology study. From May 2023, the Institute's activities with regard to the use of plastics-specific solutions in hydrogen technologies will be intensified with the Hydrogen Business and Technology Forum.

This continuation of the network activity should be of interest not only to plastics specialists, but also to system manufacturers as well as end users in the hydrogen economy who want to get ready for the scale-up of hydrogen technologies at an early stage. There is a wide range of possible areas of application. The network will discuss current challenges and approaches to solutions that make it possible to optimally use plastics in the hydrogen economy. No matter if the plastics are used as an original component or as a potential substitute for existing components, it makes sense for hydrogen and plastics experts to exchange ideas at an early stage in order to jointly define requirements and potentials.

"At IKV we want to bring the plastics industry and the hydrogen industry closer together. Only together can we get ready for the hydrogen scale-up in time. The H2 community will need plastics as materials to be able to implement the technologies with which hydrogen can become the fuel of the future. On the other hand, the plastics industry and end users must familiarise themselves intensively with the requirements of the new value chain. That is why we want to bring together the best minds of those industries to discuss current trends and innovations in plastics technology and the hydrogen economy."
Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer

In this context, IKV takes on the role of network organiser and moderator, responsible for the distribution of knowledge among the actors. As part of the RWTH's hydrogen ecosystem, such as the H2 Future Cluster or the Center for Sustainable Hydrogen Systems, IKV is in a unique position to summarise the latest findings from various perspectives and transfer them to the group. In addition to market and technology monitoring, which provides forum participants with new information on a regular basis, the IKV organises workshops on individual topics according to the demands of the participating partners.

The kick-off meeting for the H2 Business and Technology Forum will take place on 16 May 2023 in Aachen. Companies interested in joining the forum are cordially invited to participate. Upon request, IKV staff will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss the benefits of participation and answer any questions.

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Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer