Modern plant engineering for rubber extrusion

The extrusion pilot plant at the Institute for Plastics Processing has a new rubber extruder.

Handover of the new rubber extruder at IKV (f.l.t.r.: Fabian Fey, Michael Drach, Prof. Ch. Hopmann, Georg Tsivikis, Sebastian Kammer, Martin Facklam) | Photo: IKV/Fröls

The extrusion pilot plant at the Institute for Plastics Processing has a new rubber extruder. The machine has been provided by TSM GmbH from Stolberg as part of a joint research project. Present at the handover of the extruder were Georg Tsivikis, Managing Director of TSM, and Professor Christian Hopmann, head of IKV.

The rubber extruder with a screw diameter of 40 millimetres is of modular design, equipped with extensive sensor systems and can thus be deployed for a variety of purposes in research and development. To process silicones, a 10D screw can be used and a 16D screw is available for the extrusion of organic rubber compounds. The separate temperature control of the screw, barrel and feed roller allows the processing of all kinds of different rubber compounds at their optimum operating point. The measurement data for pressure, temperature, torque and rpm are documented in a database via an OPC-UA interface. In a Web-based visualisation tool, the measurements are continuously processed and analysed. Consequently, via the digitalisation and automation of the data evaluation, the rubber extruder opens up new possibilities for optimising materials, plant engineering and the processing processes in the digital age of Industry 4.0.

About TSM

TSM GmbH is a globally operating, technologically leading company specialised in the development, production and supply of machines, equipment and complete production lines for the vulcanisation, flocking and cooling of sealing profiles of rubber and similar materials. The company's strengths also include the development, production and supply of machines and equipment for textile flocking and textile finishing.

We would like to thank TSM GmbH for providing us with the machine and look forward to our future cooperation.


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