Peter Schneider receives REHAU Preis Technik

Dr.-Ing. Peter Schneider, who successfully completed his doctorate at IKV in December 2019, was awarded for his dissertation “Thermoplastic coating of pultruded profiles by inline extrusion”. REHAU AG + Co has been presenting the REHAU Preis Technik annually since 2002 to students and young scientists for outstanding achievements in the categories of Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis/diploma thesis and dissertation.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Schneider is awarded the REHAU Preis Technik 2021 in the category dissertation. | Photo: REHAU AG + Co

By offering the prize, the company wants to strengthen the cooperation between science and industry and give talented young people perspectives and incentives to develop their potential. The virtual award ceremony, hosted by project leader Daniel Lottes and Prof. Dr. Geigenfeind, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, took place on 10 November 2021.

In his dissertation, the award winner dealt with the process-integrated application of a thermoplastic top layer to thermoset pultruded profiles. On the one hand, this made it possible to analyse the formation of the haul-off force, which is a central quality criterion for the process, more precisely. On the other hand, product properties such as surface quality and impact strength could be improved. This aims to make this manufacturing process for profile-shaped FRP components more attractive for resource-saving lightweight solutions.

The award in the category dissertation was also associated with the presentation of prize money of 2,000 euros. The award winner Dr.-Ing. Peter Schneider donated half of this amount to the Plant-for-the-planet Foundation ( The organisation was founded in February 2007 by the then nine-year-old pupil Felix Finkbeiner as a children's and youth initiative, and in 2011 the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation emerged from it. The aim of the initiative is to draw the attention of adults and children to the climate crisis with tree planting campaigns and to create awareness for global justice.

IKV congratulates Dr.-Ing. Peter Schneider on the award.

Pultrusion at IKV

The basic principle of combined pultrusion and extrusion is currently being transferred to application at IKV in a project publicly funded by the BMBF (funding code: 03XP0382B). Together with four industrial partners (REHAU AG + Co, Steinhuder GmbH, Arkema France, hamos GmbH), a recyclable, highly rigid window profile for large-area windows in particular is being developed using a reactive polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) in combination with a PMMA extrusion compound, which meets all application-relevant requirements.

In addition to the process combination, IKV is also developing new solutions to increase production efficiency in injection box-based pultrusion. In the context of two other publicly funded IGF projects (funding codes: 21090N and 21778N), the research and development activities focus in particular on the design of injection boxes based on fluid mechanical effects and on data-based process monitoring.

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