Röchling Prize for Master thesis in the field of joining technology

Phil Knupe-Wolfgang, receives the Röchling Prize for his master's thesis on the "Development of a simulation model to calculate the temperature and residual stress distribution during the joining of metal-plastic-hybrid compounds”

In view of current COVID-19 measures, the award ceremony took place with only a few people in the IKV (left Prof. Christian Hopmann, right Phil Knupe-Wolfgang)| picture: IKV

In his master's thesis, Phil Knupe-Wolfgang developed a three-dimensional simulation model to calculate the temperature and residual stress distribution for different process variants of laser joining of plastic-metal compounds. He has now been awarded the Röchling Prize for this by the Association of University Professors of Plastics Engineering (WAK). Phil Knupe-Wolfgang, who now works as a research assistant at IKV on the topics of joining technology, laser beam welding and simulation, developed a temperature-dependent and experimentally based elastic-plastic material model for the plastic PA 6.6. On the basis of experimental joining tests, the simulation could be validated by comparing the experimentally and simulatively determined heat-affected zones. The deviations between the simulatively calculated and real heat-affected zones could be attributed to various effects, which are now being investigated in further research projects. 

Originally, the award ceremony for this year's Röchling Prize was to take place at the IKV. Since this was not possible in the current pandemic situation, the certificate was sent by post. Alternatively, Prof. Christian Bonten, speaker of the WAK board, invited Phil Knupe-Wolfgang to next year's award ceremony at the "Technomer" in Chemnitz.

The WAK awards four prizes every year: the Wilfried Ensinger Prize, the Oechsler Prize, the Brose Prize and the Röchling Prize. A final thesis is awarded 3,500 euros and a dissertation 5,000 euros each.


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