SAMPE Innovation Award 2021 goes to IKV graduate

Felix Tischer, M.Sc., was awarded the SAMPE Innovation Prize for his Master's thesis "Theoretical and Practical Investigation of Flow Processes in Injection Chambers for the Pultrusion Process with Dimensionless Numbers".

In his Master's thesis, the award winner dealt with the fundamental, experimental modelling of flow processes in injection chambers. | Graphics: IKV

Felix Tischer, M.Sc., presented the contents of his Master's thesis "Theoretical and Practical Investigation of Flow Processes in Injection Chambers for the Pultrusion Process with Dimensionless Numbers", which he wrote at IKV in the Department of Fibre Reinforced Plastics and Polyurethanes, on 22 April 2021. He was subsequently awarded the SAMPE Innovation Award by the jury for this work.

The prize is awarded by SAMPE Deutschland e.V. for outstanding scientific student research, diploma or doctoral theses. The research focuses on innovative material applications, new processing methods and interesting material combinations in the future in the field of composite materials. A total of nine applicants presented their work to the jury and SAMPE members in short pitches during the virtual event organised by SAMPE Deutschland e.V. on this day. The topics of the papers covered a wide spectrum from sustainability to medical technology, from basic research to series production and occupational safety.

Felix Tischer, who completed his Master's degree in plastics technology at IKV in 2020 and now works at Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG, a member company of the IKV Association of Sponsors, dedicated his Master's thesis to the study of flow processes in injection chambers: The use of injection chambers in pultrusion enables the processing of highly reactive and environmentally sensitive materials and also contributes to employee protection by minimising the emission of volatile components. Due to a large number of interacting parameters, there is a lack of widely applicable methods for modelling the flow field in injection chambers, so that the advantages and possibilities of these technologies can only be exploited to a limited extent in industrial practice. Within the scope of the award-winning work, an innovative practical investigation method based on the use of a transparent injection chamber with non-reactive fluids was further developed, enabling the systematic investigation of the influences of individual parameters and the investigation of fundamental influencing parameters. Based on the evaluation methods developed and the investigations carried out, a systematic understanding of the flows in injection chambers for different cavity geometries can now be developed.

Felix Tischer was able to convince the jury with his work and in the course of this he has been invited to enter this thesis in the European student competition at the Sampe Europe Conference in Baden/Zurich on 29 and 30 September 2021.

IKV congratulates Felix Tischer on this award and wishes him every success at the competition in September.

Contact at IKV

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