The programme of the International Symposium on Plastics Technology is available now

35 speakers will present their papers on their latest findings in plastics technology on 10 March 2020 in Aachen.

The Symposium on Plastics Technology will feature six sessions on circular economy, extrusion, lightweight technologies, simulation and digitization, injection moulding and hybrid materials and additive manufacturing.

The papers selected by a Scientific Committee will be presented by the authors in 30-minute presentations on 10 March 2020 at Tivoli in Aachen.

The proceedings of the symposium with all papers will be published by Springer Verlag. We are looking forward to the contributions of the following speakers:

Plenary lecture

  • Volker Altstädt | University of Bayreuth
    "Microplastic - Effect of external stimuli on fatigue crack propagation resistance of polymers"

Circular economy

  • Ludovica Fiore | Sapienza University of Rome
    "An efficient strategy based on hyperspectral imaging for brominated plastic waste sorting in a circular economy perspective"
  • Pieter Samyn | Hasselt University
    "Melt-processing of biopolymer composites with nanocellulose additives"
  • Philipp Schäfer | RWTH Aachen University
    "Continuous chemical recycling of polystyrene with a twin-screw extruder"
  • Joerg Woidasky | Pforzheim University
    "Photoluminescent tracer effects on thermoplastic polymer recycling"


  • Dennis Balcerowiak | RWTH Aachen University
    "Homogenisation of the wall thickness distribution of thermoformed cups by using different pre-stretch plugs and process parameter settings to improve material efficiency"
  • Florian Brüning | Paderborn University
    "Development of a solids conveying throughput model for grooved barrel extruders based on discrete element simulations"
  • Olga Carneiro | University of Minho
    "Recent developments in the design of extrusion dies for the production of complex profiles"
  • Fabian Fey | RWTH Aachen University
    "Foam extrusion of elastomers using water as physical blowing agent"

Hybrid materials and additive manufacturing

  • Simon Bölle | RWTH Aachen University
    "Prediction of the bond strength of thermoplastics welded by laser transmission welding"
  • Saeed Farahani | Clemson University
    "Integration concept of injection, forming and foaming: a practical approach to manufacture hybrid structures"
  • Fabian Günther | TU Dortmund University
    "Potential of mesoscale structural elements in the interface of hybrid CFRP-metal-parts on the load transfer"
  • Karoline Hofmann | Chemnitz University of Technology
    "Interaction between foam injection moulding and welding process. Analysis of the process - material - structure - property relations"
  • Franziska Kaut | P&G Service GmbH
    "New characterisation method for correlation of interlayer structure and mechanical properties of additive manufactured semicrystalline polymer parts"
  • Nicolai Lammert | Yizumi Deutschland GmbH
    "Physically motivated material classification and process optimisation for plasticising additive manufacturing processes"
  • Anna Liebrich | Technical University of Munich
    "Permeation properties of laser-sintered polyamide 12 sheets in comparison to an extruded polyamide 12 film"

Injection moulding

  • Cristoph Hinse | SimpaTec GmbH
    "Simulated reality - Injection moulding machine, temperature control unit, material, process"
  • Thomas Koepplmayr | Engel Austria GmbH
    "Barrier screw design for high-performance plasticising in injection molding"
  • Dragan Kusić | TECOS Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre
    "Development of IoT device for temperature and cavity pressure measurements"
  • Philipp Land | University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück
    "Targeted manipulation of fibre orientation through relative movement in an injection mould"
  • Alexander Schulze Struchtrup | University of Duisburg-Essen
    "A holistic approach to part quality prediction in injection moulding based on machine learning"
  • Guido Tosello | Technical University of Denmark
    "Latest advances in micro injection moulding process simulations"
  • Curdin Wick | University of applied science Rapperswil
    "Data driven injection moulding"

Lightweight technologies

  • Björn Beck | Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT)
    "Automated 3D skeleton winding process for continuous-fibre-reinforcements in structural thermoplastic components"
  • Felix Flachmann | Paderborn University
    "The influence of hydrothermal aging on the material properties of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastics and its non-destructive characterisation"
  • Benedikt Kilian | Covestro Deutschland AG
    "Towards process optimisation of polyurethane pultrusion using 3D simulation"
  • Nicolina Topic | Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH
    "Assistance machine function for BMC injection moulding"
  • Lih-Sheng Turng | University of Wisconsin-Madison
    "Recent developments of lightweight polymers, foams, blends, composites, aerogels, and hydrogels with special functions and properties"

Simulation and digitisation

  • Thijs Donderwinkel | ThermoPlastic composites Research Center (TPRC)
    "Strength development in overmoulded structures"
  • Walter Friesenbichler | Montanuniversity Leoben
    "Viscoelastic modelling of polymer melts and rubber compounds"
  • Nadine Gushurst | Faserinstitut Bremen e.V. (FIBRE)
    "Investigations on the influence of high pressures on the curing behaviour and material properties of composite structures for the development of a material model"
  • Armin Kech | Robert Bosch GmbH
    "A study on the determination of virtual process and quality data in injection moulding simulation"
  • Miguel Nóbrega | University of Minho
    "Computational rheology et al. @ IPC/UMinho"
  • Hamed Nokhostin | RWTH Aachen University
    "Simulation of solidification of a nucleated isotactic polypropylene in a quiescent condition"
  • Michael Stanko | TU Dortmund University
    "Digital twin of the polyurethane rotational moulding process"

Contact for questions on the Symposium.

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