Two IKV scientists receive WAK awards

The Scientific Alliance of Polymer Professors (WAK) presents awards every year to the best scientific papers in plastics technology.

Award ceremony at the 3rd WAK Symposium: Dr.-Ing. Jan Klein, third from right, Dr.-Ing. Christian Holz, fifth from right | Photo: Manuel Schlüter Photography/WAK

This year, the Röchling prize for new hybrid materials, systems and process techniques based on plastics, and the Oechsler prize for methods and approaches in the development and design of parts made of plastic parts were awarded to two IKV scientists. The award ceremony took place on 23 October 2018 at the 3rd WAK Symposium in Bayreuth.

Dr.-Ing. Christian Holz, who gained his doctorate at IKV on 24 November 2017, received the Röchling award for his dissertation "Process development for the production of continuous fibre-reinforced polyurethane blow mouldings using the projectile injection technology".

For his dissertation entitled "Mechanical material characterisation of engineering thermoplastics under very high load velocities", Dr.-Ing. Jan Klein, who received his doctorate at IKV on 12 December 2017, was awarded the Oechsler prize.

The awards by the Scientific Alliance aim to document important new findings in research and development and motivate and support young scientists.

IKV congratulates Dr.-Ing. Jan Klein and Dr.-Ing. Christian Holz on their awards.