Key research areas represent IKV’s strategic research questions

Brochure on key research questions

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In the broad spectrum of research topics at IKV, the key topics – Additive Manufacturing, Digitalisation, Circular Economy and Lightweight Technologies – occupy an overall position. They represent the relevant future topics of the plastics industry and are therefore of equal strategic importance for the industry and for research and teaching at IKV.

INumerous projects at IKV are related to one or more of the key topics. In order to bring these research projects together, to promote the exchange between the institute’s management and staff and to strategically develop the key topics, working groups have been set up at IKV for all the key topiccs. The activities of the working groups bring together the expertise of the staff from all scientific departments and the Centre for Analysis and Testing of Plastics. By discussing current developments and generating new ideas and projects, the key topics are being expanded in terms of content and links to other research topics of IKV are being identified. In addition, concepts, methods and contents for teaching are developed in the working groups and strategies for the transfer of scientific findings into practice are identified.