Dissertations: review

Title Author Published
Application of graphene as a functional filler for melt compounding Adamy, Maximilian 2018
Inner determinants to the environmental stress cracking of polycarbonate in water Borchmann, Nikolai 2018
Prediction of the robustness of injection moulding processes Grümer, Benjamin 2018
Contact cooling in blown film extrusion Hennigs, Marco 2018
Profiling of the semifinished product temperature to increase the material efficiency during thermoforming Martens, Jonathan 2018
Improvement of the optical properties of injection-compression moulded lenses by controlling the cavity pressure Reßmann, Axel 2018
Modelling the time-dependent thermomechanical stiffness behaviour of injection moulded short fibre- and long fibre-reinforced thermoplastics van Haag, Jens 2018
Process development for deposition of stretchable barrier layers on PET by means of plasma polymerisation Bahroun, Karim 2017
Analysis of the 3D-fibre spraying process for the manufacturing of complex shaped and functional integrated RTM structural components Fecher, Linus 2017
Guidance System to enhance the efficiency of the development of injection moulded plastics products Helbich, Bernhard 2017
Experimental study on the foam extrusion with blowing agent mixtures and analysis of the correlations with dimensionless numbers Hendriks, Sven 2017
Process development for the production of continuousfibre reinforced polyurethane hollow parts using the projectile injection technology Holz, Christian 2017
Characterization of the mechanical behaviour of technical thermoplastics at very high velocity Klein, Jan 2017
Thermal simulation of laser transmission welding process of semi crystalline thermoplastics Kreimeier, Suveni 2017
Inverse thermal mould design for injection moulds considering local cooling demand Nikoleizig, Philipp 2017
Tomography of plastic foams in the visible spectrum Mülder, Christoph 2017
Projectile injection technique in injection moulding of liquid silicone rubber Recht, Ulf 2017
Investigation pf plasma processes and their influence on the composite properties of polypropylene coated by means of plasma polymerisation Behm, Henrik 2016
Simulative design of thermally and rheologically homogeneous pre-distributors in spiral mandrel dies Yesildag, Nafi 2017
Injection moulding of structured technical elastomer parts Behmenburg, Clemens 2016
Integrative simulation for the mechanichal design of the injection mould in regard to the demoulding and insert moulding Erler, Ivo 2016
Technical development of an alternative plasticising process for the injection moulding of plastics micro parts Fischer, Torben 2016
Numerical Tests for mapping the progressive damage behaviour of CFP Kerschbaum, Martin 2016
Production of physically foamed polyurethane mouldings using CO² as the blowing agent Latz, Simon 2016
Investigation of the failure mechanism of a plasma polymeric mould coating for the release of agent-free dmoulding of polyurethane parts Pauling, Alexander 2016
Process Development for the Integrated Manufacturing of Plastic/Metal-Structural Components in the Injection Moulding Process Schild, Julian 2016
A New Microscale Model for the Description of Crystallization of Semi-Crystalline Thermoplastics Spekowius, Marcel 2016
Atomised Water Spray in Nitrogen as a Process Fluid for Fluid Assisted Injection Moulding Theunissen, Matthias 2016
Investigation of the Temperature Control of Injection Moulds via Pulsed Cooling Allert, Silke 2015
Application od Diagnostic Ultrasound for the Analysis of Processes and Part Properties in Fluid Injection Moulding Becker, Sebastian 2016
Acoustic Determination of the Filler Incorporation Time during the Mixing of Rubber Compounds in Internal Mixers Dering, Jan-Peter 2015
Application of nondimensional numbers for the analysis of the variothermal extrusion embossing process Eilbracht, Stephan 2015
Electrically Conductive Plastic Compounds Based on Filler Combinations Fragner, Jan 2015
Characterisation of solid silicone rubbers for the processing in the extrusion blow moulding process Funk, Anna 2015
Degassing of Residual Monometer and Direct Compounding of Polyamide 6 Based on Reactive Extrusion Klünker, Eike 2015
Process Development of the Hybrid Multi-Component Injection Moulding for the Production of Parts for Electro- and Electronic-Applications Neuss, Andreas 2015
Preperation and Properties of Carbon Nanotube-Polyamide 6-Components Puch, Florian 2015
Recycling of polylactide for packaging applications Schippers, Sebastian 2015
Advancement of Heat Contact Bonding for Plastic-Metal Joints Sickert, Michael 2015
Extrusion of physically foamed silicone rubber profiles Sitz, Sarah 2015
Minimizing part warpage in injection molding by optimizing wall thickness distribution Studer, Mario 2015
Influence of Moisture on Ultrasonic Welding Polyamides van Aaken, Anika 2015
Minimising of the Centering Error in Injection Moulds to Increase the Quality of Injection Moulded Optical Precision Parts Walach, Paul 2015
Simulated and experimental determination of viscoelastic die swell and numerical flow channel optimisation in extrusion Windeck, Christian 2015
Simulative and Experimental Research on the Foaming Behaviour of Thermoplastics during Thermoforming Ederleh, Lennart 2014
Determination of Temperature-Dependent Material Data for the Simulation of Technical Themoplastics under Impact Loading Heesel, Barbara 2014
Material Data Determination of Thermoplastics for Structure-Borne Sound Simulations Based on Reverse Engineering Kremer, Hendrik 2014
Influence of the Viscosity on Material Changes in Extrusion Process Overbeck, Janina 2014
Modification of the Acoustic and Mechanical Properties of Sandwich Structures Made out of Fibre Reinforced Plastics and Honeycomb Cores by Viscoelastic Interlayers Preuß, Tobias 2014
Dynamic heating of injection moulds using laser radiation Schöngart, Maximilian 2014
Laser Transmisson Welding of Incompatable Thermoplastics Weber, Mathias 2014
Concept Development and Analysis of a Novel Compression Moulding Process for the Large Batch Manufacturing of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Plastic Parts Wessels, Jan 2014
Investigations of the GAP_Impregnation Process for High-Volume Production od Structural Parts Made of Fibre Reinforced Plastics Fischer, Kai 2013
Process Investigations of the Projectile Injection Technique (PIT) Gründler, Moritz 2013
Constructional and Procedural Aspects for the Laser Transmission Welding of Large-Scaled and Thin-Walled Plastic Parts Potthoff, Axel 2013
Inline-Impregnation and High-Temperature-Diaphragm-Forming of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Themoplastics Schöldgen, Roman 2013
Property modification of phenolic laminates with continuous fibre reinforcement by liquid particle precursors Winkelmann, Lionel 2013
Crystallisation Simulation of Polypropylene in Injection Moulded Parts Baranowski, Thomas 2012
Inline-Inspection of Textured and High-Gloss Plastic Surface Berdel, Klaus 2012
Injector Technology and Methods for Process Surveillance for the Water Injection Technique Grönlund, Oliver 2012
Modelling of the Thermo-Mechanical Long Term Behaviour of Thermoplastics Küsters, Klaus 2012
Thermoplastic Foam Moulding with Combined Supply of Polymer Pellets and Gas Obeloer, Dominik 2012
Description of the Multiaxial Material Behaviour of Filled Elastomers Schobel, Andreas 2012
Interactions Between Plasma Processes and Thermoplastic Surfaces von Fragstein, Friederike 2012
Production of Plastic/Metal-Hybrid Parts with Integrated Forming in the Injection Moulding Process Wehmeyer, Roland 2012
Material Data Determination for the Crash-Simulation of Thermoplastic Injection-Moulding Parts Brinkmann, Markus 2011
Compounding and Further Processing of Masterbatches of Layered Silicate and Polyethylene Elas, Athanasios 2011
Ultrasonic Plastification of Polymers in the Micro Injection Moulding Kamps, Thomas 2011
Production of thermoplastic vulcanisates in internal mixers Köpke, Ulf 2011
Back Foaming of Pressure and Temperature Sensitive Insert Materials by Use of Thermoplatic Foam Injection Moulding Koning, Erik Mark 2011
Prediction of the surface waviness of sheet moulding compound parts by simulating process induced residual stresses Kremer, Christoph 2011
Computer-Aided Design of Strech-Blow Moulded Plastic Containers Leopold, Torsten 2011
The use of ultrasound for analysing the injection moulding process Lingk, Oliver 2011
One-Step-Sandwich-SMC - Process Analysis and Potentials Lippe, Dennis 2011
Influence of Selected Parameters on Polyurethane Flexible Moulded Foam Properties Meyer, Florian 2011
Physical Foaming of Elastomers in Injection Moulding Opdenwinkel, Kai 2011
Polyamide 6-Nanosompounds with Layered Silicates Produced by Reactive Extrusion of Caprolactam Rothe, Bernd 2011
Influence of the Foam Morphology on the Mechanical Properties of Structural Polymer Foams Sastre, Laura Flórez 2011
Production of Thermoplastic Vulcanisates in Internal Mixers Scharf, Micha 2011
Control of the Moulding Process Based on Process Variables and Material Data Acquired in the Mould Schreiber, Andreas 2011
Closed-loop molecular weight control of polycondensates using melt degassing extrusion Seidel, Henning 2011
Testing and description of the multiaxial mechanical behavior of elastomers for the Finite-Element-Method Vöhringer, Marc-Christian 2011
Use of Humid Air for Influencing the Cooling Performance of Blown Film Lines Wenigmann, Sven 2011
Behaviour of thermoplastics for structure-borne sound simulations Arping, Tim 2010
Numerical Simulation of Injection Molding und Consideration of Three-dimensional Flow Effects and the Material Compressibility Blömer, Peter 2010
Fibre fracture behaviour in carbon fibre reinforced plastics Fischer, Oliver 2010
New Processes for Thermoplastic Foam Injection Moulding Habibi-Naini, Sasan 2010
Processing and Properties of Elastomer Matrix Composites Heßner, Sebastian 2010
Computer aided optimization of flow channels for Profile-Extrusion-Dies Klaiber, Fritz 2010
Application of Interfibre Failure Criteria on Endless Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics Kuhnel, Erik 2010
Qualification of the Biodegradable Polymer Poly-ε-Caprolacton as Implant Material Michaelis, Ina 2010
Approaches to improve the material description of thermoplastic polymers during the dimensioning process Schlumm, Michael 2010

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