We tackle the main research issues in plastics processing

As a research institute, we at IKV are in the enviable position of being able to address all the primary research issues of plastics processing simultaneously, without the need to restrict ourselves to specific topics. The scope of the subjects we tackle extends from process and structural simulation, through the classic processing methods of injection moulding and extrusion, to overlapping topics such as surface technology. On the material side, our research covers not only thermoplastics but all other plastics such as elastomers and polyurethanes or other crosslinking systems. 

Integrative consideration of part design, materials technology and processing

Through the holistic consideration of design, material and processing, we achieve optimum solutions in the context of our research and for our industry partners. At the same time, it puts us in a position to quickly recognise any existing connections between the topics. In this way, we can tap synergy potential at an early stage and make direct use of it.