Continuous production of plastics products

In most extrusion processes, several raw materials pass through a complex process chain. The key factor is that every single process step is optimally geared to the overall process. Only in this way is it possible to produce tailor-made, high-quality products in a stable, resource-saving, energy-efficient process.

Our scientific assistants research the entire extrusion process chain – from the initial compounding and the design of the screw, die and process, through to further processing and quality assurance. A central characteristic of our research activities is the integrative approach to all the process steps. This makes a decisive contribution to their relevance for practical application and the quality of our work.

We carry out research in the field of extrusion with the focus on the following aspects:

  • Compounding
  • Process simulation and die design
  • Analysis and optimisation of the processing processes

For our research work, we can call on an excellently equipped extrusion pilot plant.

Ongoing research projects in the field of extrusion (process engineering)

  • Recycling of polystyrene through feedstock recycling
  • Development of a process for the continuous melt functionalisation of thermoplastic blends in a twin-screw extruder using atmospheric pressure plasmas
  • Development of recyclable fiber-reinforced plastics by using thermoplastic fibers in a twin-screw extruder
  • NanoRex – Improvement of properties through nanofillers
  • Optimisation of the cooling section in blown film extrusionby simulation-based development of a flexibly adjustable die lip taking into account the Coanda Effect
  • Development of an adaptive air cooling ring to increase melt throughput in blown film extrusion
  • Development of an improved material and process understanding for the production of physically foamed multilayer blown films through the identification of interactions between the material structure and the foam properties
  • Process-oriented material characterisation in foam extrusion due to inline extensional rheometer
  • Development of a multi-screw reactor to perform chemical reactions in foam extrusion
  • Improved process control in foam extrusion through inline detection and classification of the foam structure
  • Increased productivity and film quality by avoiding the formation of deposits on chill rolls by means of a roll cleaning system
  • Development of an innovative mandrel holder die for the weld line free extrusion
  • Process for the local active cooling in thermoforming for the improved wall thickness distribution of rotationally symmetrical beaker parts
  • Shortening of the pre-stretch plug design using thermoforming simulation whilst taking into account the plug surface roughness
  • Contactless detection of the parison in extrusion blow moulding
  • Variothermal temperature control of extrusion blow moulding dies to improve product quality

Ongoing research projects in the field of extrusion (simulation)

  • Automated optimisation of static mixers for the extrusion of plastics
  • Automated design and optimisation of dynamic mixing and shear sections for single-screw extruders
  • Volume flow homogenisation in spiral mandrel dies through adjustable dies
  • Examination of the influences on film flatness in blow film extrusion to increase film quality through the through the avoidance of flatness defects
  • Data driven optimisation of extrusion processes in the Excellence Cluster "Internet of Production"
  • Development of a digital twin for thermoforming - process-oriented prediction of the wall thickness distribution for thermoformed parts
  • Digitalisation of the plastics industry - an opportunity for extrusion companies

Lisa Leuchtenberger, M.Sc.

Head of department Extrusion and Rubber Technology Head of the circular economy working group +49 241 80-28372

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We develop solutions for the plastics industry

Extrusion is the most important process for the continuous production of semi-finished and finished products made of plastic. This can be seen, for example, from the quantities of raw materials processed by extrusion each year. The fields of application for this processing technology are extremely varied: Extruded products range from packaging in the food and consumer goods segment, through technical profiles for furniture and window frame production, to blow-moulded products for beverage containers and fuel tanks. Over and above this, extrusion technology is also used for the processing and compounding of thermoplastic materials.

The application-related research and development work carried out at IKV is characterised by the integrative approach for all process steps. Only in this way is it possible to produce tailor-made, high-quality products in a stable, resource-saving, energy-efficient process.

Frequently asked questions

Cooperation projects with our partners from industry often deal with several of the following subjects, for which we draw up customised solutions that can be directly implemented:

  • Material selection, suitable for extrusion
  • Development of functional compounds and production of compounds on a laboratory scale
  • Die and process design by simulation
  • Analysis of the influence of the processing process on the properties of the semi-finished product
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of the processability
  • Evaluation of the further processing capability of semi-finished products
  • Determination of processing properties
  • Process development and analysis
  • Parameter studies and optimisation
  • Process selection

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