Product development for plastics parts

Plastic-compatible design – Material, form, processing

Plastics have their own design rules based on the specific material behaviour and the method of processing. One requirement for a successful application is therefore a sound technical knowledge of the plastic concerned in order to evaluate engineering designs and identify potential for improvement. In this, we look at both the process and the part properties.

Which process and part properties do we take into account in our product development work?

  • Part optimisation to reduce cycle times
  • Load/stress-related design
  • Wall thicknesses and rib design to reduce shrinkage and warpage
  • Producibility and demoulding behaviour
  • Orientations and internal stresses
  • Faults and defects (position of welds, joins or air occlusions) 

Plastic parts offer enormous design freedom and possibilities for functional integration, especially through the use of special processes and material combinations. If these possibilities are taken into account from the very beginning, it is possible to optimally exploit the technological potential of the plastics. 

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Materials technology and simulation are part of the development process

Materials technology

Materials technology

The basis for the successful development of a plastic part is an accurate knowledge of the material's behaviour. Obtaining a precise description and performing an appropriate technical analysis by testing are just a part of this research area.

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The chief component of product development is the virtual mapping of the process and part behaviour by simulation. We work with all industrially relevant software programs and have access to the key material databases.

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