Rubber: A highly versatile elastic material

The enormous complexity and variety of rubber compounds illustrates the exceptional requirements that have to be met in the production of elastomeric products. The property profile of an elastomer part is, however, governed not only by the development of the compound. The structure of the compounding process and the process control during further processing by injection moulding or extrusion have a decisive influence on the resultant product.

We carry out research in the field of rubber technology with the focus on the following aspects:

  • Rubber compounding
  • Rubber extrusion
  • Elastomer injection moulding
  • Design of elastomer parts

For this work, our experts can take advantage of an outstandingly equipped pilot plant and laboratory with internal mixers, extruders and injection moulding machines

Ongoing research projects in the field of rubber technology

For more than 30 years, we at IKV have been researching the complex process chain of rubber processing. We benefit in our day-to-day work from an environment in which all important processes of rubber and plastic processing are represented and in which synergy effects are therefore inevitable. 

These are our current research projects in the field of rubber technology

  • Increased energy efficiency in rubber processing by reducing mixing time on the basis of data-driven mathematical models
  • Development of an optimised silicone extruder with innovative sensor concept, feed zone and screw design
  • Development of a one-step coextrusion process for the production of hybrid profiles from a thermoplastic and an elastomeric component
  • Development of a concept for feed roller and feed zone for automated throughput optimisation of rubber extruders
  • Simulative design of rubber extrusion dies taking into account the stress history in the extruder and flow anomalies
  • Further development of the projectile injection technology for the economical production of elastomeric hollow articles
  • Development of online recognition of batch fluctuations in the elastomer injection moulding process
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Lisa Leuchtenberger, M.Sc.

Head of department Extrusion and Rubber Technology Head of the circular economy working group +49 241 80-28372

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We develop solutions for the plastics industry

Elastomers are nowadays used mainly for sealing or insulating applications in the automotive industry, machinery manufacture, electrical engineering, building, energy industry and medical technology. Furthermore, elastomers are the key material in tyre production. IKV's application-related research and development work looks at the entire manufacturing chain, because only by taking full account of the interaction between the recipe, mixing process, further processing and part geometry can the success of elastomeric products be ensured. 

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Cooperation projects with our partners from industry often deal with several of the following subjects, for which we draw up customised solutions that can be directly implemented:

  • Development of functional compounds and production of compounds on a laboratory scale
  • Part, mould and process design by means of simulation
  • Analysis of the influence of the production process on the elastomer properties
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of processability
  • Determination of processing properties
  • Process development and analysis
  • Parameter studies and optimisation
  • Process selection


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