High-performance composites based on UD tapes

Internationale Fachtagung

High-performance composites based on UD tapes

Termin: 26. Mai 2020

In the last few years, fibre-reinforced thermoplastics have gained significant importance because of their recyclability, their economical processing, and their uncomplicated processability. Whereas pre-impregnated sheet is already being used on an industrial scale, unidirectional thermoplastic composites (UD tapes) are moving increasingly into the focus of the plastics industry. Compared with pre-impregnated sheets, UD tapes offer economic and ecological advantages. A conformal laminate design and the possibility of adapting the local thickness and fibre orientation to suit the respective load reduce, for example, the amount of production-related scrap. In recent years, new processes have been developed for the production of UD tapes and for post-processing. For widespread industrial application, however, there is still a lack of confidence in this new class of semi-finished products because there is insufficient know-how regarding the fundamental interrelationships between manufacturing parameters, UD tape quality, post-processing parameters, and the resultant laminate/component quality.

This conference will present challenges, developments and solutions along the value chain of UD tape components. Topics such as UD tape production, further processing of UD tapes (e.g. tape laying and winding processes), forming and functionalisation of UD tape-based laminates and potential applications will be discussed.

Researchers, material suppliers, plastics processors, machine manufacturers and end-users  will have an opportunity to find out the latest news as regards material developments, suitable machinery and equipment, examples of new applications and ongoing research activities, and to discuss the presented solutions with experts.

Main topics:

  • New developments in UD tape production and the post-processing of UD tapes

  • Target applications for UD tapes and UD tape-based components in high-volume series production
  • Machines and equipment for the production of UD tapes, UD tape-based laminates and their components
  • Institutional and fundamental research activities

Hinweis: Die Tagungssprache ist Englisch.

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