One of the most-respected institutes of plastics technology

With 18 lectures on various topics of plastics technology – in most cases supplemented by practical exercises and excursions – IKV is particularly active in the field of teaching, and offers students an attractive list of courses. Students taking the Mechanical Engineering course and the Industrial Engineering course specialising in Mechanical Engineering have the option to choose Plastics Technology as a specialisation subject and qualify with either a bachelor's or master's degree

The course of study leading to the qualification of engineer or industrial engineer majoring in plastics processing has a long tradition at IKV and also enjoys an excellent reputation. After all, plastics technology is a very varied and interesting field of research, providing numerous challenges for present-day and future engineers, for example in the fields of

In addition, the plastics industry offers a wide variety of exciting job opportunities, calling for specially trained experts. For this reason, the courses at IKV are noted for the fact that, from the very beginning, they not only teach essential basic knowledge of the subject, they also go into detail and confront the students with present-day problems from research and industry. 

IKV's counselling and support team provides the students with active assistance

You have a question about a particular course of study? You are interested in a personal counselling talk? Then you should contact IKV's counselling and support team. There you will find contact partners to help you with organisational questions, details about the Plastics Technology course, personal assistance when deciding on specialist subjects, registrations for excursions, changes to the curriculum etc. etc.

In its role as the "home institute" of the Plastics Technology course, IKV aims to look after its students in the best possible way, both personally and technically. For this reason, students can get in touch with IKV's counselling and support team every day to obtain all the information they need about the study course in their specialisation subject. 

Services offered by IKV's counselling and support team at a glance:

  • Personal counselling
  • Finding industrial placements
  • Alterations to the study course
  • Tips on starting a career
  • Lecture notes and exams
  • Registration for tests and excursions
  • Job vacancies, internal and external 

Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Seffenter Weg 201, 52074 Aachen, 
Room: 12.1 / 12.2
+49 241 80-93809 or -93814

What are the main features of the teaching system at IKV?

The teaching at IKV:

  • is based on the findings from decades of research work at one of the largest and most respected institutes of plastics technology worldwide;
  • covers all relevant aspects of plastics processing;
  • immediately takes on board the latest research topics and developments in plastics technology;
  • provides the students with practical experience by demonstrating and consolidating the content of the lectures in numerous exercises in small groups in IKV's laboratories and pilot plants;
  • is an important part of the day-to-day work at IKV;
  • is integrated into the offerings and resources of RWTH Aachen University;
  • is supplemented by excursions to interesting companies in the plastics industry;
  • is supported by external lecturers who have wide experience in industry;
  • comprehensively trains students of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering in the field of plastics technology. 

Collecting practical experience as a student worker

Part of IKV's self-perception is that a good scientific engineering course entails far more than just passing exams. Students are therefore integrated as student workers into the Institute's research activities and processes. IKV endeavours to offer an employment at the Institute to every student specialising in plastics technology.

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