Tuesday 8 September 2020

17:30 Pre-registration
Opening exhibition Foyer of the Eurogress Aachen
Get-together with snacks and drinks Foyer of the Eurogress Aachen

Programme updates after postponement

You can always find current updates to the colloquium programme here. This programme represents the status as of 23.03.2020.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

8:30 Registration
9:00 Welcome Dr. Herbert Müller, Chairman of the board of the IKV Assosciation of Sponsors; Prof. Ulrich Rüdiger, Rector of the RWTH Aachen University; Prof. Christian Hopmann, Head of the IKV
9:40 Plenary lecture: Closing loops – opportunities for a plastics circular economy Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Rainer Dahlmann, IKV
10:05 Plenary lecture: Circular economy – key technology of the 21st century Michael Wiener, DSD – Duales System Holding
10:30 Coffee break and visit to the exhibition
11:00 Award ceremony Georg Menges prize 2020

Europasaal Brüsselsaal K1 Aachen
11:30 Session 1: Process-setup in injection moulding by Human-Machine-Interfaces and AI Session 2: Throughout increase and quality assurance in packaging technology Session 3: Advanced fluid modelling in rubber processing
Challenges and trends of injection moulding control systems | Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Kosthorst, BECKHOFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG Quality assurance and quality improvement in blown film extrusion | Dr. Thomas Gröner, RKW SE Nonlinear viscoelastic models in viscometric and channel flows: State of the art | Dr. Saeid Kheirandish, Arlanxeo Deutschland GmbH
Simulation-based process setup for injection moulding |Pascal Bibow, M.Sc., IKV Increased line efficiency through near-contour cooling in blown film extrusion | Lars Kraus, M.Sc., IKV Modelling of wall slip in silicone rubber compounds | Michael Drach, M.Sc., IKV
Efficient process setup by transfer learning in injection moulding | Yannik Lockner, M.Sc., IKV Investigation of process influences on the flatness quality of blown films by means of laser triangulation | Malte Schön, M.Sc., IKV Flow visualisation in the internal mixer | Melanie Kostka, M.Sc., IKV
12:30 Lunch break and visit to the exhibition

Europasaal Brüsselsaal K1 Aachen
13:45 Session 4: Precise, reproducible process control for injection moulding Session 5: Simulative optimisation of mixing and die technology in extrusion Session 6: New methods for testing and quality assurance of high-performance FRP
Intelligent cavity pressure measurement for industrial injection moulding processing | Dr.-Ing. Oliver Schnerr, Kistler Instrumente AG Computer simulation of blown film extrusion | Martin Backmann, Windmöller & Hölscher KG Consideration of manufacturing influences in the design of wound CFRP components | Dipl.-Ing. Frank Otremba, NPROXX Jülich GmbH
Mould cavity pressure control by targeted closing of the pin valve gate of the hot runner in the holding pressure phase | Hanna Dornebusch, M.Sc., IKV Optimisation of the mixing and cooling performance of additively manufactured static mixers for extrusion | Malte Schön, M.Sc., IKV Quality control in winding processes for material-optimised design of 700 bar pressure vessels | Nadine Magura, M.Sc., IKV
Development of a cross-phase process control for increasing reproducibility in injection moulding process | Katharina Hornberg, M.Sc., IKV Homogenisation of volume flows in the spiral mandrel die by adaptive flow resistances | Lisa Leuchtenberger, M.Sc., IKV Fatigue testing of GFRP materials for the application in composite leaf springs | Fabian Becker, M.Sc., IKV
14:45 Coffee break and visit to the exhibition
15:15 IKV 360° – Research live at the IKV pilot plants
19:00 Beer colloquium

Thursday, 10 September 2020

9:00 Plenary lecture: Internet of Production – how to benefit from intelligent systems Dipl.-Ing. Mauritius Schmitz, Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and Craft at RWTH Aachen University
9:50 Reifenhäuser study prize for the best final thesis Award ceremony
10:00 Coffee break and visit to the exhibition

Europasaal Brüsselsaal K1 Aachen
10:30 Session 7: New injection moulding products using melts loaded with blowing agents Session 8: Integrative simulation methods for optimised injection moulding products Session 9: Plasma modified barriers and membranes
From process to mechanics – the development of foam injected moulding parts by using simulation | Cristoph Hinse, SimpaTec Simulation & Technology Consulting GmbH Challenges along the CAE process chain for plastic parts | Wolfgang Korte, Part Engineering GmbH High barrier packaging and design for recycling | Prof. Dr. Achim Grefenstein, Constantia Flexibles Group GmbH
Improving flowability to achieve high flow lengths for packaging and electronic applications | Yuxiao Zhang, M.Sc., IKV Prediction of weld line strength in amorphous thermoplastics | Steffen Verwaayen, M.Sc., IKV Influence of defect size and distance of neighbouring defects on the permeability of plasmapolymer coated plastics | Stefan Wilski, M.Sc., IKV
Analysis of the foamability of pourable thermosets in injection moulding | Maximilian Kramer, M.Sc., IKV Influence of load frequency and amplitude on the fatigue behaviour of short fibre reinforced plastics | Hakan Celik, M.Sc., IKV Enhancing separation properties of plasma polymerised membranes on polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrates by adjusting pulse on-time in PECVD processes | Lara Kleines, M.Sc., IKV

Europasaal Brüsselsaal K1 Aachen
11:40 Session 10: Digital Shadows for data based material and process characterisation Session 11: Multi scale material modelling for predicting part properties Session 12: Developments for the resource-efficient production of PET bottles
How to implement and leverage the digital twin for manufacturing of fibre reinforced composite components | Dr.-Ing. Heinz Neubert, Siemens AG Integrative simulation: Some basics – too simple to neglect | Dr.-Ing. Marcel Brandt, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH Plasma coating technology for PET-bottles | Dr. Sebastian Kytzia, KHS Plasmax GmbH
Classification of polyurethane foams robust to lighting conditions | Jonathan Alms, M.Sc., IKV Development of a quasi-static material model for the design of TPE | Christoph Zimmermann, M.Sc., IKV Material savings by means of optimisation routines for given topload properties of a PET bottle | Nils Dauber, M.Sc., IKV
Digital Shadows for cross-domain collaboration in injection moulding | Pascal Bibow, M.Sc., IKV Modelling of the influence of media on mechanical properties of polyamide 66 | Tim Pils, M.Sc., IKV Barrier coating systems for refillable PET-bottles | Philipp Alizadeh, M.Sc., IKV
12:40 Lunch break and visit to the exhibition

Europasaal Brüsselsaal K1 Aachen
14:00 Session 13: Process and design optimisation in additive manufacturing Session 14: Increasing precision in injection moulding by controlled solidification Session 15: Quality features of UD tape-based laminates for forming simulation
Industrial additive manufacturing | Nicolai Lammert, M.Sc. RWTH, Yizumi Germany GmbH Simulation of solidification for injection-moulded technical thermoplastic materials | Armin Kech, Robert Bosch GmbH Overmolding and forming simulations for UD tape laminates | Warden Schijve, SABIC Limburg B.V.
Optimisation of layer bonding in plasticising additive manufacturing through local joining zone temperature control | Lukas Pelzer, M.Sc., IKV Inverse thermal mould design for complex injection compression moulded optical parts | Tobias Hohlweck, M.Sc., IKV Influence of laminate production and quality on the forming behaviour of UD-tape-based laminates | Frederik Block, M.Sc., IKV
Test specimen development for the description of material data in additive manufacturing | Celina Hellmich, M.Sc., IKV Method of iterative self-consistent multiscale simulation of the solidification of semi-crystalline thermoplastics | Jonathan Alms, M.Sc., IKV Modelling of the draping behaviour of unidirectional tapes | Max Ophüls, M.Sc., IKV
15:00 Coffee break and visit to the exhibition

15:15 Plenary lecture: Additive manufacturing for large series - an estimate Olaf-Björn Kölle, Volkswagen AG
16:00 Concluding remarks and farewell Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Hopmann, Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Industry and Craft at RWTH Aachen University