30th International Colloquium Plastics Technology

Recruiting. Networking. Innovating.

The International Colloquium Plastics Technology presents the research results of the IKV to a broad public from science and industry. 36 specialist presentations by IKV scientists together with 18 keynote presentations by industry experts will provide an overview of current innovations, new production processes, methods of product development and company strategies in plastics technology. In addition, plenary lectures from science and industry will highlight trends and developments in the plastics industry.

With 800 expected participants, the IKV Colloquium is the meeting place for innovative plastics companies. Discuss the practical feasibility of our research with us. Enter into a dialogue with industry experts. Strengthen your network.


The 30th International Colloquium Plastics Technology will take place 11 - 12 March 2020.
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For the first time in Aachen

In the run-up to the Colloquium, the IKV will host the International Symposium on Plastics Technology on 10 March 2020. The focus will be on scientific contributions from five areas of plastics technology.

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Industry trade show

Industry trade show

The accompanying exhibition in the foyer of the Eurogress Aachen offers innovative companies in the plastics industry an excellent platform to present themselves. Here you meet your target group to exchange information about your products. The IKV is expecting exhibitors from the fields of raw materials, mechanical engineering, peripheral equipment and engineering services.

Invitation to the industry trade show

As a company, you can take part in the accompanying exhibition at the Colloquium 2020. Find out more about your options here.

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  • Process-setup in injection moulding by Human-Machine-Interfaces and AI
  • Throughput increase and quality assurance in packaging technology
  • Advanced fluid modelling in rubber processing
  • Precise, reproducible process control for injection moulding
  • Simulative optimisation of mixing and die technology in extrusion
  • New methods for testing and quality assurance of high-perfomance FRP
  • New injection moulding products using melts loaded with blowing agents
  • Integrative simulation methods for optimised injection moulding products
  • Plasma modified barriers and membranes
  • Digital Shadows for data based material and process characterisation
  • Multi scale material modelling for predicting part properties
  • Developments for the resource-efficient production of PET bottles
  • Process and design optimisation in additive manufacturing
  • Increasing precision in injection moulding by controlled solidification
  • Quality features of UD tape-based laminates for forming simulation

Programme information

For more information on the programme, please check our overview of sessions and plenary lectures.

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Ticket prices and registration for the Colloquium

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Combined tickets: Symposium and Colloquium

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864 € Combined ticket Symposium and Colloquium for university members Book ticket here

Book your participation in the Colloquium and the International Symposium on Plastics Technology with the combined ticket and save 20% on the admission price to the Colloquium.

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Hotel rooms

For overnight stays during the colloquium a contingent of hotel rooms is available to the participants via the aachen tourist service e.v..

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Review of the Colloquium 2018 in pictures

Programme 2018

We are currently working on the programme for 2020. If you are interested in getting an impression of our event, take a look at last year's programme for the 29th Colloquium on Plastics Technology.

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