31th International Colloquium Plastics Technology

International Colloquium Plastics Technology 2022

Professional exchange, new impulses and inspiring encounters - this is what the International Colloquium Plastics Technology has stood for since 1950. From 16-17 March 2022, the IKV invites you to Aachen for the 31st time - and we are very much looking forward to talking to you, discussing new trends and technologies with you and creating a lively forum for the plastics industry to network and get together.

15 sessions and 5 plenary lectures - 20 times information, impulses and perspectives

In 15 sessions, the current research topics of the IKV will be presented and linked with perspectives and needs of the industry. Each session will be introduced by an experienced industry representative who will open the topic with an impulse presentation and moderate the following contributions from the IKV. Our goal is to inform comprehensively, to show perspectives and to stimulate discussions. Each session therefore offers deep insights and shows approaches for the future development of plastics technology. With a wide range of expertise and a lecture programme that covers all areas of activity in the plastics industry, there are countless opportunities for a productive exchange of ideas. You choose on site which sessions are of interest to you and thus put together your individual lecture programme.

In 2022, we will once again give special attention to the major current and future issues of the plastics industry that affect us all. With several plenary lectures, we offer a perfect format that gives all participants the opportunity to follow the lectures of renowned speakers of the industry together.

IKV 360° - the overall view of all IKV topics

In the afternoon of the first colloquium day, the focus will once again be on IKV as a place of research and innovation in 2022: with the programme item "IKV 360°", the Institute will open its doors and invite all participants to experience the pilot plants in the IKV premises live.

For those who are not yet familiar with the IKV, this is an opportunity to get to know the technical facilities and especially the IKV staff. Go on a tour of all the halls and laboratories, experience where and how our staff conduct research on a wide range of subjects and find out about opportunities for collaboration on topics that matter to you and us.

If you already know the IKV, take the opportunity to "drop by again" - a lot has happened since the last face-to-face colloquium in 2018 and there are a lot of new things to discover.

Even more networking - take part in the industrial exhibition with your company.

In 2022, we would like to welcome you to the Aachen Eurogress, as we did last time in 2018 and in all the years before. There, in addition to the lecture programme, the industrial exhibition, which will run for the entire duration of the colloquium, awaits you in particular. Around 50 companies from the plastics industry will be presenting their products and services. The International Plastics Technology Colloquium of the IKV offers the ideal framework for expanding networks and strengthening business relationships. The industrial exhibition is open to all companies. You will find out everything about bookable packages, opportunities and prices here shortly.

Member companies of the IKV Sponsors' Association also have the opportunity to get to know around 30 students comprehensively trained at the IKV within a very short time at the Speed Dating Recruiting event and thus gain competent young talent. Interested? We will publish all the information here shortly. 

IKV live on stage - the special look behind the scenes

Until the 29th Colloquium in 2018, there was no colloquium without an evening event. The IKV staff put on stage what moves the IKV during and besides the research work in a professional and entertaining way.

In 2020, the participants of the digital colloquium were able to experience at least some acts from the past in a best-of video - it was not possible to otherwise transfer this live format, whose core is the shared experience on site, into a digital format. In 2022, however, the first day of the colloquium will now once again conclude with the evening event - look forward to a colourful programme with special insights into the institute's life, with live band and singing, on the big stage of the Eurogress.

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Please note that the conference language is German. All lectures will be simultaneously translated into English.

Invitation to the industry trade show

As a company, you can take part in the accompanying exhibition at the Colloquium 2022. Find out more about your options here.

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Registration and ticket prices for your participation

Ticketkategorie Preis
Regular ticket 1.350 €
Ticket for members of the IKV Association of Sponsors 1.075 €
Tickets for university staff 490 €
Press ticket free
Ticket for participation in the Beer Colloquium 85 €

With a combined ticket you can book your participation in the Colloquium and the International Symposium on Plastics Technology and save 20% on the entrance fee to the Colloquium.

Heinz Dersch, M.A.

Event management +49 241 80-93811 akademie@ikv.rwth-aachen.de

Do you have any questions about booking the event? Then I look forward to your message.

Review of the 30th Colloquium in 2020

  • Process-setup in injection moulding by Human-Machine-Interfaces and AI
  • Throughput increase and quality assurance in packaging technology
  • Advanced fluid modelling in rubber processing
  • Precise, reproducible process control for injection moulding
  • Simulative optimisation of mixing and die technology in extrusion
  • New methods for testing and quality assurance of high-perfomance FRP
  • New injection moulding products using melts loaded with blowing agents
  • Integrative simulation methods for optimised injection moulding products
  • Plasma modified barriers and membranes
  • Digital Shadows for data based material and process characterisation
  • Multi scale material modelling for predicting part properties
  • Developments for the resource-efficient production of PET bottles
  • Process and design optimisation in additive manufacturing
  • Increasing precision in injection moulding by controlled solidification
  • Quality features of UD tape-based laminates for forming simulation


Overview of all plenary speakers and chairmen of the 30th Colloquium.

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