Certified concept for courses for craft and the plastics industry

IKV develops course concepts and media for training and further education in plastics processing. The courses are currently offered at 43 plastics training centres located all over Germany, attracting more than 20 000 participants on average each year. More than 100 instructors hold the training courses, which comply with IKV standards, in the plastics training centres. The instructors themselves receive further training from IKV on an ongoing basis.

The work of the Training and Further Education Department is certified to ISO 9001:2015.


  • Course: Processing of thermoplastic semi-finished products
  • Course: Processing of fibre composites
  • Course: Plastic pipes in domestic drinking water installations
  • Course: Processing transparent plastics
  • Course: Plastics in automotive engineering
  • Course DVS 2281 for the plastics welder examination to DVS 2212-1, Examination Group I*
  • Course DVS 2282 for the plastics welder examination to DVS 2212-1, Examination Group II*
  • Course DVS 2283 for the plastics welder examination to DVS 2212-3*
  • Course DVS 2284 for the plastics welder examination to DVS 2212-4*
  • Course for plastics welding expert to DVS 2213
  • Course DVS 2290 for plastics laminator and gluer*
  • Course DVS 2291 for the plastics gluer examination
  • Course for welding and laying PE pipes to DVGW GW 330
  • Course for PE welding supervisors to DVGW GW 331
  • Course for specialists in mechanical joining of PE pipes in gas and water distribution (pipe network) according to DVGW worksheet GW 326



  • Examination for plastics laminator to DVS 2220*
  • Welder’s examinations DVS 2212-1 DVS 2212-3 DVS 2212-4*
  • Examination for plastics gluer to DVS 2221

*These courses and examinations may be taken in English

Technology transfer to small and medium-sized companies

The Training and Further Education Department transfers current developments in plastics processing to small and medium-sized companies. Taking up the innovations that emerge from Research & Development and the plastics industry, courses and information brochures are prepared promptly and in an educationally meaningful manner for the skilled crafts. The nationwide network of plastics training centres implements the courses developed by IKV with the aid of the IKV Context System. IKV acts as the central coordination office here, providing the plastics training centres with advice and specialist support.

The IKV Context System

The IKV Context System is reviewed and further developed each year by the quality management system in force in the Training and Further Education Department. 

Both the instructors and the participants rate the IKV Context System as “good” to “very good”. The presentation of the specialist knowledge in a readily comprehensible form ensures that this always constitutes an attractive and efficient training tool for small and medium-sized companies.

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Dieter Plum

Member of the board of management Managing director of Training and Further Education +49 241 80-93817 hans-dieter.plum@ikv.rwth-aachen.de