Specialisation in “Plastics and Textile Technology” for students on the Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration & Engineering courses

With a wide range of topics covered – from macromolecular chemistry and materials science through to the different plastics processing methods and the design of parts suitably tailored to plastics – plastics technology is a particularly extensive yet also clearly defined specialist field within mechanical engineering. Students come into contact with all aspects of plastics technology at bachelor’s degree level already and are familiarised with and gain an understanding of materials and processes, starting with the basics.

In their plastics technology studies, students learn how to selectively exploit the specific, variable properties of plastics in order to produce cost-efficient and innovative products that are sparing on resources.

Key topics covered in the bachelor’s course:

  • Plastics and their specific material properties
  • Processing methods (injection moulding, extrusion and a whole range of special-purpose processes)
  • Mould and die technology
  • Rubber technology

Bachelor’s degree course in Mechanical Engineering

RWTH Aachen currently offers six specialisations (“professional fields”) for its bachelor’s course in Mechanical Engineering. Students select one of these (to match their particular interests) after the 4th semester in most cases. The Plastics and Textile Technology” specialisation is organised and drawn up by IKV in conjunction with the ITA (Institute of Textile Technology). Both Institutes are responsible for a number of lectures and supervise student dissertations on many interesting topics.

The course curriculum for the specialisation includes a number of compulsory modules from both plastics and textile technology. Students also opt for one of these two subjects, however, and then focus either on plastics technology or textile technology for the rest of the course. 

Bachelor’s degree course in Industrial Engineering

On the bachelor’s degree course in Business Administration & Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) Plastics and Textile Technology is one of five specialisations offered, and students also generally start this specialisation in the 5th semester. Business Administration & Engineering students also focus on either plastics technology or textile technology within this specialisation. The course curriculum sets out the compulsory modules to be attended in each of the semesters.

Uwe Nillius, M.Sc.

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Compulsory elective subjects

An extensive range of compulsory elective subjects allows students to focus on their special interests and to pursue the in-depth study of plastic-part design, systems engineering or special applications, for example.

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Course curricula for the bachelor’s degree course

The course curricula provide a rapid overview of the modules and lecturers for the Plastics Technology specialisation.

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