Demonstration of processes during the conference

The technical centre of the state-of-the-art Plastics Innovation Center of the IKV on the Melaten Campus will be the venue for various live injection moulding processes during the coffee breaks and social events of the IIMC. Participants can experience first-hand how innovative technologies and processes are applied in practice. The live demonstrations offer conference participants a unique insight into the latest developments and solution approaches in plastics technology research.

In addition to the live demonstrations, the technical centre will also be the exhibition venue for various exhibitors from the industry and research projects of IKV. Poster presentations and demonstrator parts representing the results of current research work and innovative developments will be on display. The poster presentations offer participants the opportunity to find out about new technologies, materials and applications and to enter into a direct exchange with the researchers.

Live demonstrations of these processes

Machine: Arburg 520 A – 800

  • Cavity-specific control by varying the pressure resistance in the individual flow channels of the hot runner system
  • Influencing the pressure resistance due to the stroke of the hot runner valve pin and thus the minimum flow cross-section
  • Analysis of material degradation when controlling cavity pressure with this control system
  • Investigation of the influence of different pin geometries on the influence of the pressure resistance in the hot runner system
  • Optimisation of the control strategy to compensate for different disturbing influences on the injection moulding process


Matthias Schöll, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80-93843

Machine: Wittmann-Battenfeld Smartpower 240 UNILOG B8

  • Mould with highly segmented temperature control using ceramic heating elements and liquid CO2
  • Inline acquisition of local melt pressure and temperature
  • Development of a self-optimising control strategy
  • Homogenisation of local melt temperatures to reduce warpage
  • Warpage measurement using a GOM ATOS Q

Cemi Kahve, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80-96621

Machine: Arburg Allrounder 370A 600-170/170

  • Phase-unifying process control via cavity pressure
  • Model-based predictive control approach to account for dead time and non-linear process behavior in IM
  • Adaptive controller setup for new processes to reduce start-up time
  • Characterization of the ideal cavity pressure curve
  • Compensation of material and thermal process changes by adaptive changes of the cavity pressure curve

Katharina Hornberg, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80- 93979

Machine: Sumitomo SHI Demag IntElect2 100/470-250

  • Anomaly detection during injection molding series production by process and part quality parameters
  • Application of a web-based assistance system for automated process adaption
  • Re-optimization of machine setting parameters with machine learning modelling techniques
  • Efficient re-training of process models with minimal data requirements


Yannik Lockner, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80-96264

Machine: Engel e-motion 440/160 T WP

  • Simulative determination of the necessary injection volume flow as a function of the flow front area to achieve uniform flow front velocities
  • Transfer of the injection profile to the injection moulding machine by means of a process model
  • The process model takes into account, among other things, the closing behaviour of the non-return valve and the melt compression
  • Analysis of the influence of different injection strategies on component quality


Thilo Köbel, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80-93816

Machine: Arburg 520 A - 400

  • Physical foam injection moulding process for the realisation of lightweight components and the reduction of the carbon footprint
  • Increasing the surface quality by varying the heat transfer coefficient using mould coatings
  • Analysis of the influence of different mould coatings on the surface quality of the components
  • Investigation of different partially surface-optimised polypropylene types and testing of their suitability for other materials such as PA and PC/ABS
  • Analysis of the transferability of the mould coating to a demonstrator component

Jan Wolters, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80-93826

Machine: KraussMaffei CX 110

  • Combined deep drawing and back moulding process for pharmaceutical crimp caps
  • Combined laser cutting, laser structuring and laser pre-damaging step of the metal component
  • Plastic/metal bond via micro-form-fit joining
  • Analysis of the formability of microstructured aluminium thin sheets in the injection moulding mould
  • Study of process management, bond strength and microstructure filling

Moritz Mascher, M.Sc. RWTH
Phone: +49 241 80-93832

Matthias Schöll, M.Sc.

Process control | Injection moulding Research assistant +49 241 80-93843

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