Internationalisation of research, development, training and technology transfer

The internationalisation concept at IKV represents the basis and guideline for the further development of the Institute's international activities and the increasing internationalisation of research and development, training activities and technology transfer. The development and implementation of the concept is supported by a funding measure from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the heading: "Internationalisation of leading-edge clusters, forward-looking projects, and comparable networks".

The formulated targets of the internationalisation concept are

  • to set up sustainable international cooperation between IKV and priority partner networks,
  • to achieve long-term strategic benefits for the respective locations by increasing innovation expertise, and
  • to improve competitiveness through a global view of the value-creation chain.

The consistent implementation of these targets will allow members of the IKV Sponsors' Association to tap future growth markets more quickly, more profitably and more reliably.

Mission Statements on the internationalisation at IKV

A clear self-conception and the basic principles of IKV's internationalisation are formulated in the Mission Statements. These statements serve as an orientation and motivation for all efforts towards greater internationalisation:

  • IKV successfully supports its members in their international activities.
  • Internationally, the IKV network is the no. 1 address for relevant companies and research institutes in the plastics segment with regard to academic cooperation and joint R&D projects.
  • The research and training institute IKV is – embedded in the RWTH Aachen University network – among the top five addresses worldwide for the academic training of engineers in plastics technology.
  • The basis of the internationalisation constitutes the IKV's strengths ("Brand essence IKV") in research, training and technology transfer.

Brand essence IKV: IKV's core competences cover above all the following key topics: research and development, training and technology transfer, the combination of theory and practice, the functioning network, the high reputation of IKV at national level, and the broad expertise and high quality of the work, for example in the field of plastics injection moulding.

Based on the strategic objectives, a number of measures have been introduced to attain the above targets. You can find examples of these measures here under these menu items: international research projects, international conferences, international trade fairs, international scientists and international guest scientists.

Dipl.-Ing. Mauritius Schmitz

Scientific director Contact for questions on the internationalisation strategy at IKV +49 241 80-93881

Do you have any questions about IKV's internationalisation strategy? Then I look forward to your call or message.

10 March 2020
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