We analyse complex problems with the help of modern methods

We offer industry partners with technical problems a structured damage management system. One of the first steps is in the process is to produce a comprehensive documentation of the damage, including the circumstances related to it. Based on our experience with plastics and plastics processing and in agreement with our customers, we then develop a suitable procedure that utilises our extensive analysing and testing capabilities. This procedure reveals any product weaknesses, possible sources of error and causes of damage. It also identifies remedial and preventive measures.

Rapid clarification of the cause of damage

With the aid of our methodology and experience, we can quickly evaluate and pinpoint error influences. This helps us to quickly identify possible causes and ensure that the reasons for the defect are eliminated as quickly as possible. We always investigate a case of damage in close cooperation with the customer. In this way, we can combine the experience you have had with the product and process with the experience we have in processes, materials and analysis methods. 

Practical examples of damage analysis

Find out more about our procedures and methods. We have put together a few practical examples for you.

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