IKV offers members of the Sponsors' Association a comprehensive literature service. Members receive abstracts and summaries of all research work and publications originating at IKV. The research literature is available to members on loan or for purchase. Questions on this subject can be answered by the library team.

Research literature


At IKV, scientific assistants from the Institute are regularly awarded a doctorate. Here you can find an overview of current dissertations from the field of plastics technology.

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The scientific assistants at IKV regularly publish articles from their research areas. Current publications in various trade magazines can be found here in the overview.

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Research reports

Our scientific assistants publish a report at the end of a research project carried at IKV to document the results.

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Student papers

All papers written at IKV have a close relationship to the ongoing research at the Institute or to acute questions from industry. They are experimental, theoretical or constructive by nature.

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