Overview of the courses offered at IKV

  • Additive manufacturing in plastics processing
  • Application of material fundamentals in plastics processing
  • Fibre composites I
  • Fibre composites II
  • Joining and forming plastics
  • Functionalisation of plastic surfaces
  • Rubber technology
  • Designing with plastics
  • Plastics compounding technology and recycling
  • Plastics processing I
  • Plastics processing II
  • Plastics processing III
  • Modelling and simulation in plastics and textile technology
  • Materials science II
  • Materials science of plastics
  • Tools for plastics processing I
  • Tools for plastics processing II

Brigitte Nellessen

Study support +49 241 80-93814 brigitte.nellessen@ikv.rwth-aachen.de