Aachen Polymer Optics Days

Digital event series on plastic optics production by Fraunhofer and IKV

Aachen Polymer Optics Days

After the great success of the Aachen Polymer Optics Days in the past years, the international conference is now taking place as a digital event series due to corona. The five thematic sessions - just like the original conference - are designed to focus on technologies and applications in the field of optical plastics production. The event series is divided into the following sessions:

  • Injection-moulded optics (1 December 2020)
  • Materials in optics production (24 February 2021)
  • Tool and mould making for optical applications (18. Mail 2021)
  • Metrological characterisation (25 August 2021)
  • Optical systems (16 November 2021)
  • Space for networking activities and discussion 

About the session "Materials in optics production" on 24 February 2021:


  • New demands and applications for polymer optics in gerneral lighting and automotive lighting
    Dr. Fabian Grote, Covestro Deutschland AG, Germany
  • High heat thermoplastic lens resins for IR sensing applications
    Gabrie Hoogland, SABIC Innovative Plastics BV, Netherlands
  • Roll-to-Roll manufactured structured foils for interior and exterior applications
    Dr. Sven O. Krabbenborg, BASF Coatings GmbH, Germany
  • Physical principles of light scattering plastics using diffuse PMMA
    Arne Schmidt, Röhm GmbH, Germany

Networking und Company pitches:

  • Networking und Diskussion moderiert durch Jose Pozo, EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium
  • Company pitch session

Space for networking and discussion
Following the presentation part, a networking and discussion round will be moderated by the photonics consortium EPIC, which offers the participants the opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary questions and interests. The language of presentation and discussion will be English.

The participation fee is 100 euros per online session or 300 euros for the four online sessions still to come (Materials, Tool and mould making, Metrology, Optical systems). The participation fee will be offset against the registration fee for the conference "Aachen Polymer Optics Days" (attendance event in 2022).

The conference "Aachen Polymer Optics Days" will take place in Aachen in spring/summer 2022. The exact date of the event will be announced soon.

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Heinz Dersch, M.A.

Event management +49 241 80-93811 akademie@ikv.rwth-aachen.de

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