Connecting Plastics and Hydrogen Experts!

Why join our plastics-related H2 network?

To make hydrogen a viable part of the energy transition, the hydrogen industry requires scalable technologies using plastic materials. That's why IKV aims to establish a close-knit network between the hydrogen economy and the plastics industry. This collaborative platform offers profound insights into the performance and capabilities of technical plastic materials, enabling the hydrogen community to explore new opportunities. Simultaneously, plastics manufacturers and processors gain a deep understanding of the requirements in this new value chain. By bringing together experts from both worlds, we foster discussions on the latest trends and innovations in plastics technology and the hydrogen economy. Let's prepare for scale-up together!

Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer

Scientific director Project Management Hydrogen Business and Technology Forum +49 241 80-27105

Pictures of the forum's kickoff meeting in May 2023

Feedback of our partners

The H2 Business and Technology Forum is a great opportunity for us to enter into a direct exchange with companies from the H2 industry and to discuss problems, needs and questions with them. Already from the KickOff meeting we were able to draw valuable impulses, which have now even led to a Forum workshop on the topic of testing which we will be hosting at our company.

Dr. Tina Andrä, Foresight Manager - Future Technologies Department at Freudenberg

As a supplier of high-performance plastics and technical compounding solutions for the plastics processing industry, we are very interested in the hydrogen industry's requirements for plastic compounds and their further development. The IKV's H2 Business and Technology Forum offers us a valuable platform to concretize these requirements with market participants and to build a network.

Daniel Hamburger Business Development Manager E&E / General Industries at MOCOM

As developers of large-scale water electrolysers, we are faced with many questions concerning potential applications of plastics in hydrogen generation. The IKV's H2 Business and Technology Forum offers the ideal platform for discussion with companies from the plastics industry and a great opportunity to jointly explore solutions.

Stefan Klink, Chief Engineer Alkaline | Power to X | Technology Development at topsoe

"For us as a manufacturer of specialty elastomers, the foreseeable developments in the hydrogen sector offer many new opportunities, and we are very pleased to have joined the 'H2 Business & Technology Forum'. Through close collaboration with experts from the industry, we aim to better understand the requirements of current and future applications in hydrogen technology and to qualify our materials accordingly, in order to create sustainable and efficient solutions for the world of tomorrow together."

Dr Kai Stumpf, Technical Service Manager at ZEON Europe GmbH

Interaktive Workshops:

  • Connect with industry leaders and experts
  • Share your expertise and knowledge.
  • Participate in interactive workshops covering key topics
  • Find suitable partners for discussing specific applications or technologies.
  • Engage with experts from both industries to discuss necessary developments in plastic and hydrogen technologies.

Markt- und Technologiemonitoring:

  • Receive regular updates on the latest industry trends and innovations, tailored for your needs.
  • Enhance your profile as a "hydrogen expert".
  • Stay informed about emerging trends and advances.
  • Make informed business strategy decisions and provide accurate information to your management and other departments.

4 Reasons to Join our Forum:

  1. Comprehensive Findings: Benefit from the IKV Hydrogen Technology Study, which serves as the foundation for our forum since 2021
  2. Broad network: Discussion of current issues with companies from the plastics and hydrogen world.
  3. Unique Position: IKV is part of prominent hydrogen research networks, such as the H2 Future Cluster and the Center for Sustainable Hydrogen Systems, ensuring valuable knowledge transfer to the forum.
  4. Decades of Expertise: With extensive experience in industry-related research topics, we can rapidly transform your ideas into concrete collaborations and projects.

We welcome new network partners

For detailed information on costs, duration, and how to join our forum, please contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to the H2 Business and Technology Forum, where we bridge the gap between plastics and hydrogen to shape a sustainable future together.

  • 16.04.2024 | 10:30 a.m.
    Meeting of the forum partners

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