The network for successfully launching your career

The alumni network constitutes a key interface to industry especially for those who are looking for a job after graduating or after completing their time as a scientific assistant at IKV.

More than 50 percent of all plastics engineers in management positions at German companies studied at IKV in Aachen.


That means: anyone wishing to embark on a career in industry after their time at IKV will rapidly find an initial contact from the company they would like to work for in the network, or they can count on a recommendation from the network. Conversely, companies use the good contacts that exist between alumni and scientific assistants and students at IKV to recruit new employees. IKV supports this exchange by organising recruiting events, for example.

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Are you a former scientific assistant at IKV and wish to remain in contact with other graduates and assistants? Then register as a member of the alumni network. You will find the registration here.

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Keeping contact over the long term – outside work too

Former students and scientific assistants not only keep actively in contact on a professional basis after they have left IKV. IKV alumni also meet up at different events staged by the plastics industry and at evening get-togethers for former students. They similarly organise alumni walks twice a year, in different locations throughout Germany.