Honouring of IKV alumni on the occasion of their doctoral anniversary at RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University continued its tradition this year and invited former graduates who received their doctoral certificate 25 or 50 years ago. This special event recognised the alumni's long-standing ties to their alma mater and their special academic achievements.

The gold and silver jubilarians from the classes of 1997 and 1972 (from left to right) Dr.-Ing. Steffen Rau, Dr.-Ing. Arndt Oelgarth, Dr.-Ing. Arno Rogalla, Dr.-Ing. Ing. Marion Hopmann (née Langen), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Predöhl with wife, Dr.-Ing. Gerald Aengenheyster, Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Potente, Dr.-Ing. Udo Kosel | Picture: IKV

This year, a total of ten alumni of the IKV - Institute for Plastics Processing ) were honoured at the ceremony in the RWTH assembly hall. Among them were candidates who graduated 1997 and 1972, celebrating their silver and golden doctoral anniversaries.

On 1 September 2023, Dr.-Ing. Steffen Rau, Dr.-Ing. Arndt Oelgarth, Dr.-Ing. Arno Rogalla, Dr.-Ing. Dirk Fleischer, Dr.-Ing. Marion Hopmann (née Langen) and Dr.-Ing. Gerald Aengenheyster were honoured for their silver doctoral jubilee.  The gold jubilarians of this year's jubilee group are Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Predöhl Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Potente and Dr.-Ing. Udo Kosel, who can look back on a proud 50 years since their doctorate at the IKV.

IKV sends its heartfelt congratulations to all the jubilarians who have made outstanding academic achievements in the field of plastics engineering. At the same time, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for their long-standing ties to RWTH Aachen University and our institute. The purpose of this tribute to former doctoral students is not only to celebrate past successes, but also to build a bridge to the future. We want to acknowledge the importance of doctoral studies both today and in the past, and to highlight the continuity and continuation of excellent research work.

These are the titles of the dissertation theses of our doctoral jubilarians:

Silver Jubilarians:

  • Dr.-Ing. Gerald Aengenheyster: "Design and dimensioning of composite structures with thermoplastic and elastomer components".
  • Dr.-Ing. Dirk Fleischer: "Sandwich moulded parts made of reinforced rigid polyurethane foam".
  • Dr.-Ing. Marion Hopmann (née Langen): "Use of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling in the context of simultaneous engineering in injection moulding processing
  • Dr.-Ing. Arndt Oelgarth: "Analysis and characterisation of the flow behaviour of long-fibre reinforced moulding compounds".
  • Dr.-Ing. Steffen Rau: "Methods for the continuous impregnation of flat reinforcement textiles".
  • Dr.-Ing. Arno Rogalla: "Analysis of injection moulding of microstructured components made of thermoplastics"

Gold jubilarians:

  • Dr.-Ing. Udo Kosel: "Optimisation calculations in extrusion".
  • Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Potente: "Investigation of the weldability of thermoplastics with ultrasound".
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Predöhl: "Investigations into the production of blown films from low-density polyethylene".