Successful first workshop of partners in the Hydrogen Business and Technology Forum:

Topic - Testing and analysis of hydrogen impact on materials related to Hydrogen Technologies Hosted by Freudenberg

More than 50 participants at the Hydrogen Forum workshop at the host Freudenberg in Weinheim | Photo: IKV

The workshop was about testing and analysing hydrogen effects on materials in connection with hydrogen technologies | Bild: IKV

Weinheim, 9 August 9, 2023 – Under the motto #innovatingtogether, members of the Hydrogen Business and Technology Forum convened for their first collaborative thematic workshop, focused on "Testing and Analysis of Plastics in Hydrogen Applications." The forum, initiated by IKV, provides a platform for leading companies, researchers, and experts to discuss the latest developments in hydrogen technology and shape the future of this groundbreaking technology. The workshop was hosted by one of the H2 forum`s earliest members, the Freudenberg Group

Shared Objective: Identifying Methods and Exploiting Synergies

The workshop aimed to achieve a common objective among forum partners, which was to find out how hydrogen affects materials – especially plastics – within the realm of hydrogen technologies. This goal encompassed pinpointing appropriate testing techniques throughout the hydrogen value chain, all while emphasising the discovery of synergies and potential opportunities for collaboration among forum participants. In organised groups, attendees concentrated on key tasks, testing requirements, and methodologies using prepared materials. The emphasis was on identifying development opportunities and potential solutions to improve testing procedures. Following presentations to the consortium, any outstanding issues were deliberated upon during the plenary session, leading to the definition of subsequent actions.

Freudenberg, the host, advocates cooperation for advancing new technologies

The workshop was hosted by the technology innovation experts at Freudenberg, who welcomed more than 50 other forum participants to their location in Weinheim. The Freudenberg Group is a partner of the hydrogen forum initiated by IKV and actively promotes the advancement of the hydrogen economy. Among other initiatives, the company actively seeks collaboration with research partners for the development and standardisation of suitable test procedures for plastics used in connection with hydrogen technologies.

The success of the workshop in this regard is confirmed by Dr. Tina Andrä from the Freudenberg Group: "As a manufacturer of components for the H2 value chain, e.g. fuel cells and electrolysers, the testing of plastics in hydrogen applications is of great importance to us. The huge interest and extremely lively exchange at the workshop on this topic, which we organised together with the IKV, has encouraged us to press ahead with our feasibility study for a hydrogen test centre at Freudenberg. We are particularly looking forward to collaborations with other companies resulting from the workshop or directly from the IKV's H2 Business and Technology Forum."

Workshop concludes with a concrete distribution of tasks for the partners

After the workshop provided a good overview of the requirements, cooperative teams were formed to tackle the upcoming challenges. IKV will lead these teams and formulate clear tasks. Additionally, digital follow-up discussions are planned to monitor progress. For more information or if you are interested in joining the Hydrogen Business and Technology Forum, please feel free to contact us at




Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer
Scientific Director at IKV