Kristina Geisler, M.Sc.

Development engineer at A. Schulmann GmbH

My interest in plastics goes back to a work placement with Continental AG in 2013 in Aachen, in which I was able to work with this material for the first time and enjoyed it immensely.

The fascinating thing for me about plastics is that, unlike other constructional materials, they can be optimally adjusted for the particular application through the combination of starting materials, additives and production processes.

I came to IKV through my bachelor's course, in which I was studying the characterisation of certain properties of elastomers. After spending time as a student worker at IKV and studying for my master's degree in plastics technology, I was convinced that, in my professional life, I wanted to be involved with researching the properties of plastics. From my time at IKV, I will remember in particular the many interesting activities I was able to participate in, and above all the outstanding working climate. Through an external master's thesis at A. Schulman GmbH in cooperation with IKV, I came to my present job as a development engineer in the field of material development of polyesters. I look after the development of new products from their initial conception through to prototype production and testing. The broad range of tasks and the cooperation with many departments such as purchasing, QM and process engineering all contribute to what for me is a very varied and exciting job.