Lisa Scholle

Product Engineer, KAUTEX TEXTRON GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn

When I began my mechanical engineering studies in 2009, it was already clear for me that I wanted to become more deeply involved with plastics technology. On the one hand, the aspect of chemistry interested me and on the other, our everyday life shows what enormous possibilities plastics offer us. I came to IKV in February 2012 and stayed there until the end of my studies, initially as a student worker and later also occupied with various scientific projects. I completed my studies with a master's thesis on the topic of integrated metal/plastic injection moulding. Firstly, my student worker activities at IKV made my studies easier because, apart from the theory, I was also able to familiarise myself with the practical side of plastics. IKV with its staff and students was not only a pleasant place to work, it was also a great place to party. In addition, as a student worker and by attending various conferences, I was able to gain an initial insight into the industry and to get to know potential future employers. This was the case with my present employer, KAUTEX TEXTRON. As a project engineer, I work in a team in the development of fuel systems.

In my day-to-day work, the knowledge I gained at IKV during my studies gives me a sound basis for holding technical discussions with suppliers and customers. It also helps me to turn the customers' requirements into a high-quality but economical product.