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The links below will lead you to our booking form - enter the details that apply to you here and book your ticket for the International Symposium on Plastics Technology 2022! You can choose between the combined ticket, which allows you to attend both the Symposium and the International Colloquium Plastics Technology at a reduced price, and the single ticket for the Symposium:

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Ticket Total fee Membership fee PPS (already included)**
No membership (neither IKV nor PPS)
Regular Ticket 410 € 110 $ [1]
Student ticket (including full membership PPS) 315 € 110 $ [2]
Student ticket (including student membership PPS) 245 € 25 $ [2]
Already member (IKV or PPS)
Member ticket (member IKV Sponsors' Association) 320 € -
Member ticket (member PPS) 320 € -
Student ticket (member PPS) 225 € -

If you are not a member of the PPS yet, the participation fee includes a one-year membership with the PPS. Members of the IKV Sponsors' Association do not need to take out a membership with the PPS. All information on membership of the PPS can be found here. The fee for the PPS membership will be invoiced to you separately by the PPS. From IKV you will receive an invoice for [1] 320 € / [2] 225 €.

*Students include PhD candidates, or students in Master's and Bachelor's programmes.
** PPS membership fee is to be paid by credit card directly to PPS.

Heinz Dersch, M.A.

IKV Academy +49 241 80-93811

About PPS

About PPS

Would you like to learn more about the symposium's co-organiser, the PPS Polymer Processing Society? You can find all the information about membership and the associated benefits here.

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