Next Generation Barrier Technologies for Rigid Packaging


Date: 13 – 14 November 2024

Prepare to push foward your packaging strategies at the "Next Generation Barrier Technologies for Rigid Packaging" convention! Our agenda tackles pivotal themes crucial for decision-makers and technology scouts:


Adapting to Regulatory Shifts:

Stay ahead of legal changes impacting plastic packaging, understanding how evolving regulations on issues such as PFAS and recycling quotas and the appropriate employment of barrier technologies shape your operations.

Pushing Boundaries in Material Science:

Delve into the realm of modern rigid packaging functionalities, uncovering the latest advancements in barrier technologies driving product protection and longevity.

Embracing Sustainable Solutions:

Explore innovative approaches to design for recycling, integrating sustainable barrier technologies to meet environmental objectives without sacrificing performance.

Mastering Quality Assurance:

Elevate your quality control methodologies through advanced characterization techniques, ensuring products meet stringent standards for safety and reliability.

Join us to connect with industry leaders, gain actionable insights, and position your business at the forefront of packaging barrier innovation! Register now and lead the charge towards a more sustainable and efficient future!

Key topics:

  • Developments in the legal framework conditions for rigid packaging
  • Technical barrier specifications of modern rigid packaging
  • Design for recycling: sustainable barrier technologies
  • Barrier characterization methods for quality control

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